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(Credit for profile picture goes to the artist that made it.)

First off, I am a steadfast supporter of the Bishōnen and Ikemen industry and market.
However, my figure collection is growing rather slowly since I'm college student and most of my money has to go towards my college tuition and laundry. ;v; (Luckily, I'm graduating next Fall!)

I mostly collect my favorite husbandos, and once in a while I also collect random male figures that catch my eye.

I find myself very eager to buy male figures with fairly detailed outfits, dynamic poses, fairly interesting bases, and/or striptease/NSFW.

Admittedly, I am SEVERLY behind in my anime watching. My senior project for college has been taking up a lot of my time as of late.


What I have on my bucket list to watch atm is:
- Free! Dive to the Future
- One Punch Man Season 2
- SK8: The Infinity
- Rage of Bahamut Virgin Soul

The anime genres that I love the most are:
seinen, fantasy, reverse harem, action, adventure

If you guys have any anime recommendations that you guys think that I might be interested in, feel free to dm me!

Also, I'm up for just regular, old chatting as well! I would love to make some friends here on MFC! :D


Non-MFC figures that I own:

My Art:

I am an art major in college and I often like to sketch in my sketchbook and make some digital art as well. I only just got into digital art mid last year so I'm still practicing!

Status: I will start uploading some of my art here over the summer. Atm, I'm busy with finals. :/


Late reply, but I want to bring the good news that the owner kindly took down his article! I no longer have to worry about that mean comment being stuck on this site like a tattoo. :D
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please;; i am sweating :') thank u for blessing my comments w best guy
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Hello Okami! Sorry if I scared you. To tell you the context of my vague comment, I got upset since I was bullied by someone on a heated article. I was so sad that I said many harsh things about myself and I felt like quitting this website. But I am doing ok now and I changed my mind to not leave. Again, sorry for the out of the blue comment.
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Ahhh!! Thank you so much! I'm living for that gif
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I hope you get some rest and treat yourself. ^_^ https://manga.tokyo/wp-content/uploads/2019/04/5cb542e1a12f3-1024x576.jpg
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Thank you for accepting. ~ https://i.pinimg.com/originals/de/4c/a1/de4ca11869d513c8d6d8945a6cbba9e1.gif
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Let's talk about Makoto because he is 100% husband material. I love your description of him; "cocker-spaniel eyes". I love that; I never saw it like that before, but that's such a perfect comparison <3 He does have sweet puppy eyes.


I think Makoto is so big and sexy. I always say, the bigger they are, the more there is to love. Big, soft bois are the best and Makoto is one of the best for sure <3 He makes me happy when I think about him, ha ha! xD


I think even if Makoto does get scared easily, for you, as his partner, he'd want to protect you and I know he'd do his best to be brave if something ever scared you. Men tend to be like that. I think it's very sweet <3 ^ ^


I've been really physically weak over the last year, but my strength is coming back. One thing I also like to do is write "Reader X" fanfiction; so like stories where you are a self insert and in a relationship with some character. When I start writing again, is there a scenario you'd like written featuring Makoto as the main character and love interest? I publish my work on my channel "Milkdreams" on Youtube. I've only got a little bit there now, but I'm slowly working on more.

"Haru is a hoe for H2O" LOL!! That's so true xD Yeah, I also think the pressure on kids to decide what they want to do for the REST OF THEIR LIVES after high school is way too high. There should be a break period between high school and college so people actually have a moment to breathe and think carefully about where they want to take their career path.


Our society acts like you always have to be doing something; always have to be in school or working or doing something, but it's actually ok to do nothing. Like, just existing is fine. You don't have to be productive to be valuable. There is value inherent in existing.


I wish more people said this. It's something I just recently learned being in a position where I was unable to take care of myself. When you have to rely on someone just to get through the day, it humbles you and changes your perspective on many things.


I really still love film, Okami! I love the creative arts so much. I want to be a film director and screenwriter still. I couldn't finish film school however because I had debilitating anxiety and depression that prevented me from finishing any work and when the time came for me to do my thesis film, I had no work prepared, and then I had to go home and put my dog of nine years to rest. He was my best friend and reason to live. When I lost him, I gave up.


Thanks for your well wishes for my brother~ Are there any scholarships or grants you can apply for to help you with your education? I know when I always brought up the money issue to people in regards to education, they always said I could just apply for those things and it would help.

What kind of art do you do? I'm trying to get better at digital art on Photoshop but it's a process. I want my art to look as good as the rest of the kids on Twitter, but I'm slow getting there. I'm going to do an art raffle this month for exposure, but I have to get some works together to show examples of what my art even looks like so people will be interested. It's been hard for me to work because of the physical strain on my body, so I've only completed a few things, but I feel like I need more ^ ^;


If you want to go out of state for school, you should. That's what I did! x) I lived in Michigan all my life, but I fell in love with NYC after a class trip there in 2015 and when I was forced to make a decision about my post high school plans, I decided if I HAD to go to school, I would only go to school in New York. I'm happier here than I was in Michigan. If you feel the pull to go somewhere else, you should give in to it.


I understand you 100% about personal space. It is important and it only becomes more important the older you get. When you have your own space, you have room to breathe and think and express yourself. It's something no one should ever take for granted or undermine the importance of I think~


I'm not in college right now, Okami, and I don't have any plans to attend college in the future (despite all the pressure I've received from relatives and the pressure I feel from society). My plan is actually to build a career on my writing. I have two stories for fantasy novels I need to write and I have a Youtube channel I'd like to expand and produce more content for. Also, I love singing and songwriting. The singing I'm not so good at, but the songwriting, I think I have a real nack for~ :3 It's something that makes me feel deeply fulfilled and brings me lots of joy. I would love to be a musician, but I'm always scared I'm not good enough and that it won't work out. I'm going to try anyway!


Do you think Sousuke had romantic feelings for Gou? I always thought he saw her as like a little sister. It would be so cute if he did have a crush on her though, but you know Sousuke really has the biggest crush on me actually-


I'm taken however, so unfortunately for Sousuke, our love can never be... :'-( ANYWAY

You're gonna wanna watch Yuri on Ice as soon as you can. It's more than just an anime in my opinion; it's an experience. I gained so much from watching Yuri on Ice; I think anyone who watches it can gain something from it. It provides such an intimate perspective on trying to perform with anxiety and how anxiety can affect relationships. It's really a show that demonstrates how the power of love can conquer anything. I had my doubts it would be THAT good, but it really blew my mind. Maybe it just hit me hard because I've struggled with anxiety so much myself and I saw so much of myself in Yuri.


That blonde haired baby is also named Yuri actually xD Yurio is the nickname he gets early in the show though. I think you will love him. He's lots of fun <3


I'm glad you liked the quote I posted. It was a lyric from a song!!! It's a song by my favorite musician, Jamie Woon, called "Spirits". Our conversation is fun, Okami. What should we talk about next? ^_^ I love talking about Free! like this. I never get the chance to.
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Oh, I am able to chat more still, I was just shy and did not want to take up too much of your time =w= But yeah, about Fire Emblem Heroes, the reason I say it can be boring is because it doesn't have enough fun game modes for me. Like, there's actually a lot of different events that go on and like rotate, but I usually just pop on to play my favorite mode which is the "tempest trials" when they come.

There's not really a cool down for Fire Emblem Heroes asides from you need stamina to keep playing, but it's really easy to restore and they give you so many free items to restore it, if you keep playing frequently enough, you won't even remember the stamina feature exists xD You get A LOT of free units though. If you start to play and you really like Chrom, you're going to want to save up and summon for Legendary Chrom when he comes up on a banner again because he's the most powerful Chrom in the game right now.

He's a really strong blue unit in the game, so if he's on a legendary banner, just keep summoning with the blue orbs and pray to the gods for luck!

Makoto is literally so sexy. I really love him too. The way he is with children touches my heart as well since I have a soft spot for kids myself, ha ha~

I can't imagine Haru just working a regular job instead of devoting all his time to swimming... I'm glad he chose what he did, but boy, he went through trying to figure it all out. In the end, I ended up deciding to go to a one year film school program in NYC after high school, but towards the end of the program, I dropped out.

It's OK if you pick a wrong major. My older brother got his degree in psychology to work with children with autism, but he ended up never using it. I think he also had a degree in religion so I think that works better for him now since he's trying to be a priest or something (I'm not sure, we don't talk anymore). There are still many options open to you after college and even just having a degree will open lots of opportunities for you even if they are unrelated to your field of study. I know you'll figure it out; I'm glad you have the summer to think about it!

I really love gingers too!!!! x3 You reminded me of another Free! character I really loved. I always forgot his name, but I looked him up and it was Momo's brother, Seijuro ^0^


I really like the sweet soft bois too :3 Have you ever seen Yuri on Ice? I think Yuri is one of the softest bois ever... <3


I'm really looking forward to making AMVs again. I definitely will share my Free! amvs with you. My laptop right now is just such utter garbage... Ah, it hurts to say that because it was a gift to me from a friend I no longer speak to, but this laptop's time has come... it's time to die x.x i appreciate the use i got out of it over the last year though, it really helped me in a hard time.

But yeah, I know everything's going to work out for you and your college situation. Don't stress out about it! You know it will be alright :3 There are so many doors open for you.

Let your heart go where the wind takes you. <3

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I LOVE cheesy unrealistic endings. Life is hard enough!! xD Fire Emblem Heroes isn't exactly Pay to Win but you do have to keep playing so you can get at least a couple of the most recent units or else you will be so outclassed. They give you a lot of free in game currency and the pull rates aren't that bad either. The game can get boring though, so it's something I only play when I need to pass the time :3

Here's all the characters voiced by Matt Mercer (the voice of Ryoma and Chrom) in Fire Emblem Heroes :3 feheroes.fandom...

You listed so many things about Haru I haven't thought about in such a long time ^w^ He really is so cute. He was my first favorite character my first time going through. I accidentally started Free! on the second season, so my first impression of him was this conflicted child who is torn between what he wants to do with his life after high school.

I really felt a connection to him because it was also my last year of high school when I watched Free! and I had no idea what I was going to do yet either. Haru's bond with the water is spiritual and it was healing to go on that journey with him in Eternal Summer to reconnect to his love for swimming. I think that's why I really like Haru, but I will also tell you why I like Sousuke because I actually hated him at first x3

...Is being sexy enough of a reason to like somebody or is that shallow??? Like??? Because I really did hate Sousuke at first for the way he treated Haru, but then it's like, I started to fall for him and those eyes.

I have thing for big, strong quiet types. I love guys with dark hair too. Sousuke was hitting every mark for me asides from being a major dick, but he warmed up at the end... He got nicer and I think that made him feel safe for me to love.

I had made an AMV for him a while ago. It's long lost now. I have to remake it. Free! has great footage for AMVs. I really love it ^_^

Hope to see you around and chat again soon!
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PVC anime figure store.


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A few reasons why Free! is one of my favorite ecchi animes: