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Hello how much Sayame?
8 dias atrás
Bought your figure of Marie Mamiya from the Starless series,

Good lad, easy to talk to, very knowledgeable about figures and the hobby in general.

She took a bit of time to arrive, but with a global pandemic on the tides I expected as much. The outer packaging was worn from travel, but the inner packaging was well done and protected her box from damage. Figure herself is great, in pristine condition and clearly never opened or displayed. Definitely a keeper here.

All in all, a great experience and purchase with no regrets, would order again!
9 dias atrás
Hi, I'm interested in your following figures: PM ME

-Freezing Vibration - Satellizer el Bridget - B-style - 1/4 - Y-shirt ver.

-Freezing Vibration - Elizabeth Mably - B-style - 1/4 - Y-shirt ver.
9 dias atrás
I'm interested in Edward Scissorhands, Catherine, and Katherine :) Please PM me!
11 dias atrás
Hi, your inbox is full. I was interested in a figure you have
14 dias atrás
Bought several Zettai Junpaku and FE figures at once from him and he was very generous and willing to help make the transaction as smooth as possible. Nice and very understanding person. I would definitely recommend buying from him if you ever want anything.
15 dias atrás
Inbox is full
16 dias atrás
Your inbox if full but thank you for waiting. I will get in touch with you Wednesday either by commenting here or messaging you if your inbox is not full.
20 dias atrás
This is the main one I am looking for!

ITEM #9425
22 dias atrás
Hi I am interested in a couple figures you have in your collection and wanted to inquire about pricing! :)
23 dias atrás
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