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    What... the reply function works? That is a wonder! Is this even real life? xD :D

    Nice list. Many sexy girls + guts + jotaro. I approve.

    Jojo scales by GSC would be a dream come true... Arg shouldn't get my hopes up but I am pretty sure as well that Jotaro will sell lots of copys :O
    I am kinda worried that they might not make part 4 nendos because Josuke, Rohan and Kira already got Minissimo from Di Molto Bene :/
    27 dias atrás
    Wonfest was nice for me this time! Jotaro nendo (and hopefully even more characters) and a Rohan Kishibe scale not from Molto Di Bene.... Sentinel might not the best manufacturer but still better quality as Molto LOL

    How was Wonfest for you? :)
    29 dias atrás
    redxmaverick (1 mês atrás) #31120517I think I will get this 1/4 Kratos to add to my manly men collection. lol

    Wow he looks massive and well made! Definitely a nice addition to the collection :O
    1 mês atrás
    redxmaverick (2 meses atrás) #30897119I ordered three 1/4 scales this year and a 1/3 scale. xD This is so bad because I don't know where to put them. lol
    I heard of Jolyne. The only female jojo. Pictures of her everywhere. I'm really interested to see what she is like but I have to wait for the anime.
    That is amazing~ I hope they all arrive safely to everyone.

    Ok that is definitely even worse! But we can think about space when they have arrived.... There is still enough time to panic later on xD

    I could not wait for her which is actually the reason why I started to read some of the Jojo manga! Finally wanted to get to know the female Jojo as well. And she was pretty badass... bad mouthed... I liked it. Her friends Hermes and Foo Fighters were cool as well :D

    Seems like the first chinese collectors already got him... I am so jealous >__>
    2 meses atrás
    Look at this Guts army OMG <3

    2 meses atrás
    redxmaverick (2 meses atrás) #30893682A Guts shrine sounds pretty good! But too expensive! lol
    You need to build an amazing display case right in the center of your bedroom for your Prime 1 Guts. He needs to be the centerpiece.
    Yeah! I watched all of Jojo. Young Joseph Joestar is my favorite character. I think you told me that Bandai has the exclusive license to only make Jojo figures? That really sucks. We would have so much more amazing Jojo figures if other companies could make them.

    Definitely very expensive... Sometimes I get a bit angry when I see the next pricey Guts announced or another manufacturer of resin statues picking up the Berserk license xD

    Yeah... I should start planing and looking into the diffrent options for a display case soon! I am just happy he is "only" 1/4 and not 1/3 or 1/2 as some other statues from Prime 1 Studio.

    Ohhh me too but I also read part 6-8 of the manga as well. I just could not wait. So I am only missing part 5 now...
    My favourite characters are Josuke from part 4 and Jolyne from part 6 which you probably still don't know :O

    Yeah Bandai and Di Molto Bene are sitting on the license... Guess they want the cash from the merch for themselves. There is actually quiet a lot of Jojo merch released in Japan which never reaches us. Especially clothes and stuff. Sometimes I am suprised which kind of expensive merch Jojo gets in forms like clothes, hand bags, jewellery BUT they are not able to produce high quality figures LOL
    2 meses atrás
    redxmaverick (2 meses atrás) #30893560Yeah! Finally. I really needed someone manly in my collection. lol. This is probably the only Guts figure I will own though. I definitely needed at least one Guts in my collection. I can't wait to see how your Prime 1 Guts turns out! WHAATTT?!?!? WOW that Berserk armor Guts!
    I need more men in my collection. I want this but its expensive and short at 240mm. It's not even 1/6 like a RAH. ITEM #464646

    I guess for a normal collector one Guts is enough :P xD

    It will be so crazy when I finally have him... I still need to built some kind of display case for him. And yeah the Berserk armor just happend somehow LOL

    Wow you have watched Jojo? Didn't know that :O
    But sadly most Jojo figs are overpriced... Besides the prize figures!
    2 meses atrás
    redxmaverick (2 meses atrás) #30892697Finally ordered ITEM #283038 after 2 years. lol I was hoping to see his price go down but he is actually sold out in many places. Amiami restocked him today so bought for 26k.

    Waaahhh! That is cool. Finally some Guts in your home as well :P

    Seems like he was more popular as the pre golden age RAH version of him. His other version defenitely did drop... But he looks amazing indeed :)

    And my Prime 1 Guts should be released soon as well :O
    2 meses atrás
    I hope your doing well I hope to chat with you soon! :D
    3 meses atrás
    redxmaverick (4 meses atrás) #28357037Finally~ ITEM #117974

    Took them long enough xD
    4 meses atrás
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