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♯ About

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it's a me Natsushi, your local Yamato Thirst b0t. i don't buy merchandise often, but when i do, i go Hard

Nikaidou Yamato is number 1 on the List of Reasons Why I'm Probably Broke

♯ Trading Information
To be honest, I'm willing to trade anything I own for anything that's on my Wish List. For trading, I prefer for both of us to pay shipping of the thing only.

♯ Selling Information
Shipping from Oregon (United States). Will ship internationally. Paypal only. All items are used and come with the box unless specified.

♯ Contact
Best method of getting in contact with me is Private Messaging! I may take a while to respond however, so I apologize for that! I would also like to note that I have the right to decline your offer and that I am not obliged to tell you as to why.