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Got it! Do you take offers?:>
24 dias atrás
Hi! Are you still selling Aigis?(alter ver)
27 dias atrás
Hello, do you still have Iron Princess- Duram Sherif for sale? if so, how much? Thanks :)
7 meses atrás
The figure arrived safe and sound! Might come back for the other one later :)
8 meses atrás
Brilliant seller!
Thank you. ^_^
2 anos atrás
Fast Shipping and Dark Elf was in perfect condition :)
3 anos atrás
stormkoopacv034 anos atrás#13469777S'up man. Happy Birthday! :)Thanks man!
4 anos atrás
stormkoopacv034 anos atrás#7195577Okay I see, I get it now. :) Thanks for your explanation, I was a little bit confused about the whole 'shop points' thingamagig. lol

The sales section have a very limited amount of characters you're allowed to put in the description. So I couldn't expand on the explanation in the sales.
4 anos atrás
stormkoopacv034 anos atrás#7195561Okay, but how do you start earning shop points firsthand though. Does a person purchase a few of your figures with money first to get shop points? :)

That's the only way to get shop points from me. To buy figures.
4 anos atrás
stormkoopacv034 anos atrás#7195053Dude, how does this whole 'shop points for figures' thing work anyway? ╮(╯▽╰)╭

Figures I'm selling are worth shop points. You can use those to get other figures I'm offering that require shop points instead of money. You only have to pay for shipping.
4 anos atrás
Live better. Play more!


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