Trying to clear backlogged items!
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Currently a figurine collector. I am sort of new to this forum. I wish I joined earlier XD

I welcome FRs as I hope to share with you on my experience and thoughts, and vice-versa.
My responses may be slow sometimes because I am tied up with several commitments. Nevertheless, I will still reply/respond.

Will update my bio more.



tanaka4 anos atrás#5238264Only 3? You are saving a lot of money :)
Not sure why, their new releases need more work

Yeah but I also feel deprived :(
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tanaka4 anos atrás#5214805Oh my! I am so sorry to hear about your loss. May he/she rests in peace.
You need to distract yourself to overcome it somehow.
My collection is growing although it is no longer as exciting as it used to be. Furthermore, they are getting ridiculously expensive, especially the Figmas. I am thinking about the Figma panzer tank :P. Too expensive to ship. And I am running out of space.
I have many shipment of boxes not opened. So I am trying to find time opening them and updating my list. That said, I am busy with some overseas commitment. Sigh....
I noticed that your collection list in MFC is empty. Please don't be humble :)

Distractions...a luxury.
Yeah, the figma line is going up in price and the selection is pretty bland for 2016 for me at least.
Sorry to hear about your space issue, as for me, I only own a total of 3 figma, free space galore~
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tanaka4 anos atrás#5213907Hi Yummerly
Thanks for dropping by. How are you? Busy with studies and some work.
Bought some goodies recently?
Hiya, I'm ok I guess but currently dealing with the loss of a pet ~_~ It's difficult, especially this time of year. Bored mostly, nothing new in the collection. The figma line is...not great for 2016. Anything new coming to your collection?
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Hiya, how's it going? Just stopping by =x
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tanaka5 anos atrás#3365739Happy birthday!

5 anos atrás
Marco-Kun Sonico lover
Sorry for the late reply, I wasn't that active on MFC lately.

Which doujinshi did you buy to complete your collection?
Haha buy all doujinshi? Nooo, that would be too much. I have some space, but not that much.

lol, I'm not dreaming of actually being a lover of Sonico xD
Uhmm I have seen one that was pretty good. Which one did you see online?

Haha I have a girlfriend, but I rather have her as a catgirl :P
tanaka5 anos atrás#2582220Ya, doujinshi takes less space but if I buy alot of them, it will consumes space for my other figures XD
Having said that, I am buying a few selected doujinshi to complete the collection. I guess you try to buy them all? Do you have space for them?
Haha, it is always good to dream... it gives meaning to life :)
Have you seen any cosplay ladies who dressed up as sonico convincingly? Saw some on the internet. Maybe if you get a girlfriend of such, it would be the next best thing? XD
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tanaka5 anos atrás#2852208Are you sure you have space to display the figures and store the boxes? XD
That's unfortunate but I hope you find it soon. I can't wait to see them :)
Btw, wouldn't there be any paint transfer issue since you have put the painted guns onto the hands on the figures?
So you mean she is on her way to your place already? Wow!

Aside from wallet and customs issues, there is also the issue about space..haha
And yeah, I'll find a way (rather, space) for me to place 'em, since they growing pretty well~
Yup, I hope I haven't deleted them - just misplaced somewhere "deep" within these files..well, they're kinda' messy, since I also store my homeworks within the same root folder, and now they're scattered everywhere!

I know! I'm getting all excited and sh*t, she could be here tomorrow or the next day - I just can't wait! I hope our local courier would bring her right away~~~!
/人 ^‿‿^ 人\
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tanaka5 anos atrás#2851026Big scale figures are for impressive displays minus the pose-ability. I don't have that much space and I am trying to cut down on my collection. I don't want to start another line of figures haha.
I am impressed with your colouring. As much as I appreciate the creativity you have put for the guns and bullets, I couldn't really see the hard work you have done. Do you have actual close up pictures of your painted guns and bullets? It would be easier to see.
I have not PO that figma yet. I missed the boat :P
Are you trying to overload her with weapons?

And here I am, trying to build up my collection of figures..haha
I'm looking for the photos I took with my father's camera ('cause I don't have one, sadly.. :'( ) within my PC and somehow I can't find 'em in my files..I'd really love to show 'em off! upload 'em here, but I have to find them first..

I guess Manda would have her available soon ; and lol I think it would "slow her down", since there's this mechanics in-game where equipping too much high-caliber weapons on certain ships decrease their accuracy (and evasion iinm). Well, I just have to try it once she gets here (since the figure isn't exactly in-game, haha!); tracking says she's already in our local post office!
Hope she gets delivered in a day or two~
5 anos atrás
tanaka5 anos atrás#2842089Yes, exactly. Big or small have their own pros and cons.
For big ones, it is pretty easy to notice or to show off (at least to oneself) haha. This also allows you to appreciate more.
I saw those wear and tear or weather effects paints numerous times. I have plans to buy and use them for certain objects such as dioramas or guns etc but I have yet to plan this out. I am hoping to invest in an airbrush but I really have too much commitment now.
The guns and bullets are really cool. Do you find them rather too small to be appreciated or to see?

Yeah ; whenever I got friend/s (or my sibling's friend/s) visiting me and checking the room, they usually notice (and give remarks, haha!) 'em, both big-and-small-scales~!
I used Sharpie markers to "paint" those guns, especially "stains" and to color the bullets. The silver color is for coloring the mags (which looks very cool btw, and I got the idea from playing Call of Duty img2.wikia.noco...), while the copper / brass colored marker is for the bullets.
Hmm, I think you have to equip them to the figures for them to be appreciated well (by others, yeah) since they are of 1/12 scale. I've seen some 1/6 scale guns and other armaments, and I think those still look good even when displayed or mounted and not hand-held by 1/6 scale figures.
In my case, these weapons stand out when held by my figmas ; and I have yet to try equipping 'em to ITEM #198416 once she gets here!
Yeah, she's already a Battleship equipped with 41cm cannons, and I have yet to give her more guns..! Haha
5 anos atrás
tanaka5 anos atrás#2841902I don't mind scale figures since they are bigger but they are usually more expensive in general, take more space and not pose-able. Of course they are more nicer and more detailed without the awkward joints. I think it depends on your likings.
I have several grails and I bought most of them.
Ah yes. The guns are nice but they need to be painted to make them nicer. Do you paint them?

Yup, they take more space since most of 'em are scaled around 1/8 ~ 1/6, whereas figmas, if scaled, are about 1/12.
I don't usually paint them (except for some "wear-and-tear" effects), especially if their real-life counterparts have an all-black finish (like M4A1), though there are some exceptions, like ITEM #205111.
I've painted ITEM #205112's bullets which looks similar to this one (and it certainly looked badass), since they are painted black when unboxed.
iirc I took a photo of ITEM #144335 with the M82A2 on her right hand side and a brass-colored .50cal bullet on her left hand (yup, the M82 is chambered .50BMG!). I think it's still in my PC - I'd be uploading it here if I've found it~!
Miku with a Barrett M82?I see!lol I was just testing how flexible the newer figmas which started with Miku 2.0 when compared to the older ones, and since I thought she'd look cool with a gun, why not wield a Barrett M82A2? Haha!
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