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I've been on MFC since 2012. I really enjoy writing figure reviews, and one of my goals is to eventually produce a review of every figure in my collection that doesn't have a review on MFC. I hope people enjoy reading them as much as I like writing them. If there is some figure in my collection, you'd like to see reviewed, let me know!

Current review queue:
(*-the review is almost finished)
(**-not yet released)
Sega Hatsune Miku "Innocent" ITEM #401018
* Kotobukiya 1/6 Konomi Yuzuhara "Innocence" ITEM #39565
* Yamato 1/7 Arisa ITEM #752
Alphamax 1/7 Yami ITEM #137123
AmiAmi Zero 1/7 Lucia ITEM #10479
** Kotobukiya 1/7 Sakura Kinomoto ITEM #455586
** Phat 1/8 Rise Kujikawa ITEM #396941
** Max Factory 1/6 Nana Astar Deviluke ITEM #331480
* Q-Six 1/6 Dancing Girl Nile ITEM #211167
Phat 1/8 Katsuragi ITEM #144273

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victorviper (3 meses atrás) #28813977I was going to write a review of that figure, but I never quite got around to doing so. I got as far as setting up the review and organizing the pictures, but I never actually wrote anything. I've got a dozen reviews like that for which I keep saying "maybe someday...".
It probably doesn't help that I don't really know very much about the character. I know Kasumi is a secondary character from Muv-Luv Alternative, but that's about it.
I bought the figure because I found her cheap on Amazon a couple of years ago, and I thought she was cute. Plus, I like her body language and melancholic expression paired with the bunny costume; it kind of reminds me of this ITEM #1156 melancholic bunny Asuka :).

Ah, like that~ Well, photographing is already a lot of fun, reviewing or not! I also recently made some pictures of figures that are already heavily reviewed, so I was thinking of just making small picture-dumps blogs with them or do some writing about them without actually reviewing. Still thinking about that.

I only wrote the introduction to my Kasumi review so far, but my pictures are done editing. I think I will upload her review next week if I keep on having enough time to work on the reviews (my new job will start soon which will take away a lot of the free time I now have).

To be honest there, I also don't know much about Muv-Luv, even though I also almost bought ITEM #4433 one time. I guess I'm just really attracted to the character design. Apparently Kasumi has quite a big role in the Alternative spin-off.

I got mine when I did a huge trade with a friend a few years ago, in which we exchanged multiple scaled figures from our collection. I thought her posing and face was adorable.
3 meses atrás
Hey! Did you ever make a review of ITEM #166169 ? I noticed a lot of pictures from you at this figure's page, but did not find (or could remember) a review from you about this one.

I was planning on reviewing her myself and was editing the pictures when I saw your pictures there. It would be interesting to compare our opinions on her (if you have reviewed her ;) ).
3 meses atrás
Thanks for the feedback from your post. Very new buying figures online.
3 meses atrás
Had fun viewing all of your pictures
4 meses atrás
victorviper (6 meses atrás) #25483596For me, I actually watched Komugi first and then checked out Soultaker. Despite being a lightweight and fluffy show, there's really a lot that's stuck with me from Komugi, like the Gatchaman parody and episode three which is just one big music video.
I'm glad you liked Upotte!. I figured that the moe-military theme would be up your alley, but I guess it's just way too niche to have any mass appeal, and that's why only Funco-chan got her own figure. I was sort of hoping Ichiroku would get a figure, but I guess that's not going to happen. Oh well...

To distract me a bit after watching the new Komugi, I decided to re-watch Yuru Yuri. I think I laughed more in the 1st episode of Yuru Yuri than during the full series of Komugi. :T

As Soultaker is quite a dark series, I really enjoyed the 'color' of Komugi there~ ;) As for the Komugi solo-series, I mainly remember the pool-episode, which is quite weird considering most series have such bad pool/beach-episode fillers, I normally don't remember them.

Yes! It's been quite a while since I watched the series, but I think we never talked about it! I thought it was very cute and indeed right up my alley! :D Especially the 'class trip' in the final episodes I enjoyed watching a lot as you could very well see the differences between all the gun types. The staff put a lot of research and work into it! :)

I just paid for my Funco figure yesterday, I hope the seller ships her out soon. :) As for figures from other characters...I wouldn't expect anything even more, to be honest. The series is very unknown. If it wasn't for your review I wouldn't have found out about it, even though so many themes from the series hit my interest!
6 meses atrás
victorviper (6 meses atrás) #25353802Yeah, that's pretty much my feelings on the new show. Of course, the original Komugi was not exactly some masterpiece of storytelling, but you could tell the staff had fun working on it and the characters had a lot of charm. Plus, I always thought its connection with the Soultaker anime was pretty hilarious in its own right. With the new show, I found the characters to be just cookie-cutter and shallow. It's like they were just going through the motions...

Uhuh, I watched Soultaker first and already got a liking to Komugi there. When I found out about the specific Komugi spinoff I thought it was hilarious. :) And the series itself is indeed no masterpiece, but it's just so cute. And quite unique both in visuals and character designs. With this new series I know it has the Komugi-name, but it could have almost been any generic idol/cute girl anime... :/ For me the only new fun addition was Tsukasa, but in general I have a soft spot for crossdressing and tomboys...

Also, just this morning I saw an local advertisement for someone selling her second hand ITEM #144495 for very cheap! So I send a quick PM and hope that I am the first one that responded. :) I am not actively hunting for this figure, but a few months after your review of the figure I watched the anime and ended up liking it a lot! :D Also poor Elle breaking down the whole time... :'(
6 meses atrás
So..I finally got to watching the new Komugi series and...yeah wow. It indeed wasn't that good. It's like they try to lift on the current idol hype with an older slightly nostalgic sort-of-famous series it's name. I didn't dislike the series, but there is also not much to rave about. Also a lot of the animations seemed a bit simple/cheap? Tsukasa is a cute character, though. I guess that is the best part of the series. And the new character designs in general are cute! I also like the new look of Komugi, although old Komugi is still the best. :)

Oh well, at least I got motivated to rewatch the older Komugi mugi mugi series! I'm sure that will cheer me up and get me motivated again to cosplay old design Komugi some day. :)
6 meses atrás

Sorry if I'm making you ultra jealous with this, I just wanted to share my happiness with another Komugi fan! <3

It's the base of ITEM #5888 :)
1 ano atrás
victorviper (1 ano atrás) #14468543That's good news! Hopefully you will get some memento from Watanabe.
If you're trying to get something signed and you don't want to drag figures around (of if they won't sign bases), here's a possibility. ITEM #5704 and ITEM #5703 as well as ITEM #1297 and ITEM #1298 are all based on Watanabe's designs, and the packaging for those figures has a removable card on the back with an illustration PICTURE #1245140 . Most of those figures are cheap and relatively easy to find, and those cards might be a good candidate for a signable item.

Oh~ Those are nice suggestions, thank you! :)

With the short time-span I have, I'm afraid it would work only if I find one of them locally! >.< Even EMS shipping gets hold in customs for multiple weeks over here, so quickly buying something from Japan is also not a possibility. :(

I asked the con if it's allowed to only take the base of a figure with me, I hope they reply soon! For now I decided on my Griffon Komugi.

I'm a bit sad they were so last-minute in announcing him being a guest! For many years I wanted to do a Komugi cosplay...if they let this know earlier I could have worked on it for this event!
1 ano atrás

A con I will be visiting next month just announced Akio Watanabe as a special guest!!! :OOO

No news yet if he will give panels, if there is any chance for signing etc...

I really really hope there will be the possibility to sign items! Then there will be the hard part...

ITEM #12994 is my favorite Komugi figure, but she's badly damaged and I have been thinking of replacing mine...

ITEM #5888 is my 2nd favorite and her way too big typically Griffon-base would be perfect for siging! But the whole figure is so big and fragile, most famous artists will not sign only a base or piece of plastic, they need to see that it's merch. So I can't only take the base with me...

Anyway, I'm super excited! Can't believe this! :D
1 ano atrás
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