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Hi I like making things and blowing my money on expensive plastic.



Hey, I’m trying to get back to you but your inbox is full! I still have shinobu available, let’s work something out =)
2 anos atrás
walrusbukkit5 anos atrás#3103644Luckily for you, Miku figures are exceptionally easy to find :) I collected more than 12 of them without even intending to ^^" but now I can't justify to myself buying a Miku scale when I have figures of her already orz

It's Miku. Isn't that enough to justify it?
5 anos atrás
walrusbukkit5 anos atrás#3102363Hello ^^ Welcome to MFC. I follow you on tumblr as mikuyanyo. Let's share this wonderful money-draining hobby! :D

Thanks :D I just need more money to drain. Once I get job I'm probably going to buy every Miku figure I can find.
5 anos atrás
walrusbukkit6 anos atrás#1816334Happy birthday dude :)
Thank you so much, friend!!!
6 anos atrás
7 anos atrás
walrusbukkit7 anos atrás#1463376Unfortunately I scrapped her since her dimensions just weren't working out ^^" I might take on another Yuno project in the future though. I just love her black dress.
I also do commissions!

Aww, that's a shame. I just saw your Gumi one and it looks really good! Are you making any more at the moment?
7 anos atrás
Did you ever get round to finishing your Yuno figure? I'd love to see!
<-- Big fan of Yuno ;u;
7 anos atrás
OhnoRaptors [Cinderella Girl]
walrusbukkit7 anos atrás#1352779Hey Raptor do you think GSC is remaking the vocaloid petit set? A picture on Mikatan's newest blog looks like them but they have different poses?
Hmm, taking a closer look I think you're right! ^^
Len and Rin's poses look different enough, and Kaito's scarf is different. That should be enough proof to add them if you want.
7 anos atrás
Shelia ♠ in sword boy hell
walrusbukkit7 anos atrás#1281910No problem 'u' Just wondering- are you going to be getting the new snow miku nendoroid? She's so pretty *_*
You bet I am 8D
There'll be a local group order hosted by BEANI which you are welcome to join ^^
7 anos atrás
Shelia ♠ in sword boy hell
Thanks for the FR ^^ always nice to see fellow Sydney-siders on the board :)
7 anos atrás
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