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Hey everyone, xNaruke here!

I am just an Amateur Photographer and hope to improve with each new figure photoshoots!

Questions of a Collector:
Where am I going to put all these figures!? (Hohoho! There's a great spot!)
Why is this figure so expensive!? (Still buys it after the price goes higher)
How do I clean all these figures!? (Omg Swiffer Duster/small paintbrushes are amazing and easy!!)

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Thank you for your birthday wishes ♡ I hope you're doing good! :)
3 meses atrás
Ahh, thank you so much!! (*^▽^*)
2 anos atrás
AkibaMelon2 anos atrás#30696975Thanks! You too :D
Lovely new Tharja shot btw <3 PICTURE #1893122

Thank you! :D
2 anos atrás
xNaruke2 anos atrás#30649245Happy New Year! :)
Thanks! You too :D
Lovely new Tharja shot btw <3 PICTURE #1893122
2 anos atrás
Hey!! Happy New Year!! Lots of fortunes, blessings, happiness and hope this year will be even better for ya!
2 anos atrás
xNaruke3 anos atrás#19546934:D! And wow that's great to hear! Which figure did you get? :o

I bought Trafalgar Law POP SOC figure ITEM #442014 I really wanted him so bad but he had risen quite a lot in price (being exclusive and all of that :p) But I managed to snatch one of the last copies they had at the Tokyo Tower Mugiwara Store :D I was so delighted <3
3 anos atrás
xNaruke3 anos atrás#19471553Hey Happy Birthday AkibaMelon! Hope you have a wonderful time and receive lots of good food and presents! :D

Thanks a lot! Yeah actually got one of my most desired figures today <3
3 anos atrás
xNaruke3 anos atrás#18750886Wow! Thanks for compliment! Yeah, I also thought some of the fighting scenes were really cool but only you liked it so far XD. And if you say so! XD I added most people on my list like that.. and they all accept without asking lol.

Well I'm an artist even though I'm on a kinda break but artist sense never liked and some angle while u took photo were really good and snow give it interesting bg, better than for example green grass , it helps the details to be visible much more. hahah I don't like to be added anywhere just like this, so I often ask ppl XD
3 anos atrás
xNaruke3 anos atrás#18725353Hi, nice to meet you too!
I just added you cause you liked one of my photos xD.. Weird reason.. I guess lol

ahhh checking your gallery I remember these photos, I was surprised you didn't get more recognition since they look pretty cool (my love for fighting scenes xDDD) and honestly it is not bad reason to add someone xD
3 anos atrás
Hey, nice to meet you!
Can I know why you added me ^^?
3 anos atrás
You can buy Japanese anime and manga merch!


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