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Free_Phi Meta-Sentient Cyber-Imp
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I discovered HS in 2012, and have been a loyalist ever since. Over the years, it has become better and better. One advantage that none of the feedback has mentioned yet is the PreApproved PayPal payment option. Rather than the anxiety-inducing waltz of AmiAmi's payment-request system, HS's preapproved PayPal just processes the whole thing for you with no effort or intervention on the buyer's part. I hate that nagging chance that I'll be inattentive and lose a pre-order (and be penalized) after upwards of a year of waiting. Customer service is good, but frankly the service is so smooth I've only had to correspond with their staff only once that I can remember! Their website is by far the best, clearly displaying scaled PVCs by newest-first, filterable by Preorders, new and restock, without having to sift through all the noise of general merch & goods. Also, their newsletters (email notices) are great, and display the offered figures by adorable face-only thumbnails (much like MFC, incidentally, but with higher-quality imaging and more artful cropping). It's true they don't get exclusives, and that's the only time I use AmiAmi or proxies. Their prices are typically marginally higher than AmiAmi, but the difference is far outweighed by ease of website use and hassle-free processing. And occasionally the prices are slightly lower. Overall, they're easily the best vendor for preorders and current-run figures.
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