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Solaris Japan

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Solaris Japan
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Solaris Japan was founded in 2008 in Tokyo, Japan. Offering in-depth knowledge about Japanese products, good packaging, vast selection and personal communication.

They are specialised on finding older out of stock items in new and used condition from smaller suppliers all over Japan.
Used products are always complete and generally in very good condition. You will be informed about any unusual damages prior to shipping.

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LadyDawn Slightly Neurotic
Buyer Beware of Policies

I'm sure this site is great if you get what you ordered, but ordering through Solaris was the first time I've ever had a purchase go missing in almost a decade of importing from outside of the US. And while it's not their fault that my package was lost, the way they handled the situation was crap. I waited four months for an order to arrive because I went with the cheapest shipping method due to the fact that the options are pretty costly. I suppose that's how they supplement their low prices. The first order I made, I made a mistake. I contacted customer service and they were very understanding and gave me a store credit so that I could apply my money to a figure I wanted. Great. After a few days of processing, my figure was sent out via a barge. Initially, the tracking number updated to say that my package left Japan. Then? Nothing. No updates for the four months that Solaris said it would take to ship. I waited patiently for any news, then reached out to Solaris customer service again. It was *obvious* from the shipping information that the package had been lost, but they insisted on following procedure and sending an inquiry through the US Postal service. When that turned up nothing, they moved forward with an inquiry with the Japan Post. The website says the following: "If a package appears to have been lost, we will launch an investigation with the Japan Post in order to try and find it. Please note that the investigation process has no fixed timeframe and can take up to 3 months to complete." Which is utter nonsense considering in my case the package was very obviously lost. As a consumer who has spent a couple of hundred dollars for something that was never received, that's abysmally poor customer service. I ended up disputing the cost with my bank, after which I got a message from Solaris asking me to drop the dispute so that they could look for the package through Japan Post. What?? They'd had my money for months and I had nothing to show for it, but they wanted me to sit for another few months just so they could follow procedure? Sorry, but no. After telling them I wasn't going to cancel the dispute, I haven't heard from customer service again. Not even an apology for the inconvenience. I will never be buying from this store again.
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