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White Rabbit Express

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White Rabbit Express
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Costly, but a good service

WRE has excellent customer support, employees who speak fluent english, and an easy to use website. They support pre-ordering items, and anything that cannot be bought will be fully refunded. WRE also offers a wide array of shipping options; airmail/epacket is a personal favourite of mine. As I mentioned in the title, the service is quite pricy; there's a 6$ per shop fee (recently upped), in addition to a 1$ per item fee, and on top of that there's also a 12.5% service fee. Yeesh. In exchange, however, customer service is top notch and there are no "plans" or consolidation fees to work with as everything is already included. So far, I've successfully bought items from a number of stores/sites (Y!Auctions, Mercari, Animate, Tower, Suruga-ya, etc.) and I have had no problems with their packing or anything else; everything has arrived safely to me after being consolidated. :) Now for one complaint: one thing I don't really like is that all items prices are converted to USD, and all fees are calculated and charged in USD as well. I can imagine this would be convenient if I lived in the US, however I do not and the currency exchange for USD->CAD can be quite brutal on my end. If it was an option, I would much rather be charged in JPY instead of going through multiple conversions. :P
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