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Anime NPC

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Anime NPC
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Former name: Nippon Anime Station

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We sell 100% authentic figures, Nendoroid, plushes, video games, and all sorts of anime-related goods from Japan!

We are founded in 2015. Located in Japan, Hong Kong & United States.

We have department centers located in Japan, Hong Kong, and Boston and most of our items will be shipped out from Hong Kong since it is the largest distribution center among all.


Horrible Experience

I tried ordering a figure from this place as it was the cheapest I could find the figures I wanted at the time. After a week or so, I was promptly notified that the figures are delayed, which is understandable as they have no control over it. That was when they stopped emailing me back after I started asking for updates, taking as long as a month to respond to my question. After the second month of delays, and no response, I decided to ask for a refund, this is the odd part, within the hour, I get an email saying they have the figures and will ship within """3 - 5 working days""", and I emailed back saying if that is so, cancel my refund request, it's now been 8 days, no email received and no shipping status of the figure. How odd that they would email back quickly when I ask for a refund but then not at all when asking a pretty simple question. All in all, this has been a terrible experience as I have already paid good money to then be ignored. 0/10 experience, you've just lost a future customer. Good job.
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