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  • LuxNothum the Shapeshifter
    Website should be fixed, kinda clumsy support at times but legit

    *** (02/09/2020) I've edited my review based on my last purchase. ***

    I had three experiences with AnimeNPC so far, which were overall positive.

    The first one was back in April 2018 when I used them as a proxy to buy ITEM #549551. I received the figure in time and without any issue. Communication was good too.

    Considered that all went good the first time, I also preordered ITEM #29305 from them. This is where some of the communication problems that other users mentioned started to unfold. After several days from the release (the figure came out in May 2019 and it was already nearing the end of June when I tried to reach out to them) I still hadn't received any update, so I tried to email them first, then contact them via the website chat, then on WhatsApp and then by email again. All without success. After a few days I was seriously starting to worry, but thankfully they emailed me and told me that they were having problems due to the Hong Kong protests, which was understandable but still doesn't justify many days without any form of communication. I had a couple more mail exchanges with them in the next weeks, and I was finally able to receive the figure on the 13th of August. A good two and a half months of delay from the release. Luckily I am a very patient person.

    The last time I bought something from them was in the last few days, when I ordered ITEM #597971 since I've been looking everywhere for her and they offered a very nice price. Ordered 12th of August, shipped on the 15th with immediate communication and tracking provided, arrived at my place today (2nd of September). No issue whatsoever and incredibly fast shipping compared to the last time, especially considering the COVID emergency and everything. I must say, I'm nicely surprised.

    Considering my personal experience and all the things I've been reading here on the forums, I'd say that AnimeNPC is by no chance a scam site, but they had some serious management issues nonetheless. Their customer service is all over the place (maybe it got better now, since the last communications I received from them were quick and prompt) and the website doesn't look neither very professional nor secure. The password reset issue that a lot of user mentioned is really cringe-worthy for anyone who understands the basics of online security and doesn't make me feel particularly safe about the handling of my personal data. With that said, I still must point out that I always received my orders safely in the end.

    My final advice is to give these guys a chance but only if you can't find what you're looking for anywhere else and maybe wait to see if they're gonna fix their website. Customer support seems to be better now. Perhaps they've been in a really tight spot lately and needed time to get their business together. If you want to be extra sure with your order, just use PayPal and it'll be fine regardless.
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  • Same issues as the others.

    *****UPDATE (08/31/2020)*****

    So my noodle stopper figure finally came in! She’s legit, so there’s no worries there. However, my shipping box came in REALLY beat up. It looks like someone punched it or kicked it despite the “fragile” sticker. The figure box came in overall fine, and the figure itself came in in perfect condition and unharmed, but I’d be very cautious if I had ordered an expensive one. I found the tracking number to be a bit useless but that could’ve just been an issue on my part lol.

    In total, it took about a month for her to get processed, ship, and arrive here.

    Would I order again? Only if I’m desperate and there’s no other option. And probably not for expensive figures either.


    So I have had 2 experiences with AnimeNPC. The first one was regarding this item (ITEM #886807). Back in February, I was looking for her online. I was too late when it came to preorders so I missed it, but saw that she was in stock on AnimeNPC. I thought that was extremely lucky, and went ahead and placed an order as a small birthday gift to myself. But then, the next day, I got a cancellation notice because they do not actually have the item. I should have suspected that she would be sold out everywhere, but the thing is, they never adjusted the status of her availability on their site. Even when my order got cancelled, I checked and she was still "in stock". If it was out of stock and you had to cancel the orders, why not change her availability? I'm not sure how long it was in stock after that, but I remember checking later and she was still "in stock."

    Now, the second thing, which I am currently dealing with. This one is extremely similar to the other people's reviews. So, I ordered this item: ITEM #809190. I saw she was in stock and they claim that she would be 100% authentic, so I decided to give them another chance, despite how my experience went the first time. I was expecting this to get cancelled too, but surprisingly it went through! Yay! However, much like others, I got an email due to the COVID situation saying that I could receive her sooner if I pay extra for EMS shipping. At the time, I was like "sure, whatever anything to get her sooner" and agreed. They thanked me for my quick reply and sent the invoice on PayPal. Everything was fine, they told me it'd take a while, but I waited days and saw there was no status on my order. I got a tracking number eventually but there was no update on its status after over a week. I was concerned so I emailed them asking more about the shipping status, as I was still confused about it. They didn't reply. I waited days, then finally submitted a message request on their site. Then later, I FINALLY get a reply. I placed the order on the 3rd, and its been quite literally 3 weeks with little to no response. At this point, I'm not sure if the items are legit or not, since I still have not received anything, so I cannot comment on that.

    TLDR: They take forever to respond and their website is not very good. They don't keep up with their site or customer service. I still havent gotten my order after 3 weeks (due to covid), but after this, I don't think I'll order from them ever again.
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  • Shikikan_Dawn Waifu laifu
    Horrible Service

    I pre ordered a figure back in October 2019. Paid in full. The figure was released May 2020, which was bad luck for me because COVID hit and that meant mailing services weren't going to deliver it from Japan.

    That doesn't excuse the total lack of communication from AnimeNPC support regarding my purchase, for which they've had almost $200 of my money for almost a year without bothering to actually try and send anything. Upon contacting support, I was informed that I could pay more for shipping and it would arrive in t
    3-4 weeks. I said that was fine and that they could bill me so I could finally get my order. That email offering a solution to my issue was sent on July 28th. It's August 10th haven't been billed the extra shipping cost so I can get my order. I got one more correspondence on the 4th, apologising for the late response and offering the same solution, but still no invoice. I've never had this problem before. I'm frustrated and I just want my money back. Avoid AnimeNPC and use UkiyoKumo or AkibaSoul instead for your US based pre orders. They have the nicest support.
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  • Anime NPC first purchase!

    This was a couple of months ago, so things may have changed since then. Regardless I will share my experience!

    I noticed there were a lot of negative reviews about Anime NPC, even at the time I ordered. Mostly mentioning bad customer service being the main issue.

    I was a little hesitant to place the order at first, but went ahead anyways since PayPal got my back lmao.

    Ordered ITEM#/597971

    Processing time took a while, it was like a strangely lengthy period of time...I remember sending emails and talking to live-chat which, they did respond to me at first. But then proceeded to ignore my messages completely for some reason? All I was asking about was shipping and having ZERO updates on whats happening. Thankfully, after a while they finally shipped out the figure.

    The shipping took a long time, but that's because I chose the cheapest option.

    The figure arrived flawless and was packed very well, it was indeed brand new as stated. I really had low expectations, I was shocked.

    It wasn't a scam in my experience.
    Though, They have bad processing times and bad customer service it seems. I would probably order from here if it's your last option, but the products in my experience were authentic and perfectly fine and trustworthy. Just use PayPal and you'll be good.
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  • No Response...

    I've preordered a figurine back in October that will be releasing in December 2019. I got zero updates on when the item will be a ship or any form of update from their site after multiple emails sent out. I will be processing a refund by the end of the month if I hear nothing...
    7 meses atrás
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