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Proxysince 2008
Japan Is shipping worldwide
Launched in 2008 , Neokyo (formerly known as Buy-Nippon) is our oldest service, the result of the work of a dynamic team of Japanese and international staff.
For ten years, our job has been to make your Japanese import wishes a reality.


Easy to use proxy

Has excellent dashboard for managing multiple items in different states and process of ordering, while not immediate, allows for some fail safes (can cancel order if before invoice). Fees are flat and low so good for moderately priced items while acknowledging like most proxies insurance options are limited, however you must use PayPal (don't need an account) as the payment service which adds a 3.6% cost plus 40 yen on every transaction fee[EDIT: Stripe now added, reducing fees per transaction by 40 Yen if used]. Item re-packing was well-done and despite multiple step-process service is relatively quick (takes about 1-2 days to secure order, roughly 1 day to pack and ship items when ready). Search tools for 4 stores could use work, copying item title from Japanese website into search bar for same store often draws a blank, may require some liberty with names to get product page. Has free 45 day storage, past that storage fees are not especially cheap (400 odd yen for a week was the cheapest I think). Multiple shipping options offered including good ol' SAL. All round easy to use fairly functional service with excellent fees and services.
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