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At Kirin Hobby, we believe in the fun of collecting. We are an online retail company based in Northern California. We offer a wide selection of anime, game, and movie related action figures, figures, statues, toys, and other collectibles.

We only sell officially licensed products. Our goal is to feature unique and fun items straight from the manufacturer and official distributors. When you buy from us, you can be 100% sure you are getting authentic and high quality products. Our commitment to customer satisfaction is unmatched. We answer all emails, and every single order is securely packed. We believe in providing great value and professional service. Order from us and enjoy the Kirin Hobby experience.


Avoid like an envelope of Anthrax

I placed an order, and paid for it in full ($109) since that is the billing policy for the website, for To Love-Ru Darkness - Mikan Yuuki back in October of 2017. To this very day (3-9-19) I have not received a single thing and have not received any replies to the 100's of emails I have sent them throughout the year and a half nor have they ever answered the constant telephone calls I have made to them throughout 6 changes of the seasons. Just like another MFC member has been robbed by these people they WILL take your money and leave you hanging dry. Short of taking a flight to northern California to go kick their asses for being thieves in EVERY sense of the word, I don't see what else I can do other than tell everyone to KEEP THE HELL AWAY from this insult to all web shops in the world. I don't know why My Figure Collection still has these a-holes listed in good standing on their web page. Throw these shameless criminals off your website!!!
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