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Warning: this shop is selling bootlegs.
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Regular go to store - good for international buyers

The store has a good selection of pre orders even from harder to buy vendors like Native. They usually have stuff in stock long after everyone else has sold out. The price is competitive. As a USA buyer and Asia buyer I find myself shopping here more than other stores like Amiami and BiginJap sometimes. TOM offers better prices with their rare competitive coupons but the delivery dates at TOM are 2-3month+ since they have to ship to USA warehouse first. Nippon Yasan gets stuff fast as they are in Japan. Shipping is relatively decent. They give lots of options to ship overseas and can vary in price and time. They emphasize they are an international company so they can sell to a lot of countries. I have heard they can devalue shipments. Have not tried myself. Packaging can be improved. My one figure arrive fine but there was not much space between figure box and outside box. Sometimes they can take a while to ship an item. Be patient, it will eventually go out. They respond to emails but it may take a few days sometimes. They have answered all my tickets. They may sometime delay shipment because actual shipping price is more than you paid. This may cause delays as there is communication and additional invoice.
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