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Warning: this shop is selling bootlegs.
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Nippon Yasan has great prices, so I ordered there three times. The first time, there was a period they kept cancelling my order, and after exhaustive arguing over the phone and email, it was restored. I got the order with little other issue but slow shipping. Packing was fine. I assumed it was a mistake, even though the timing of the cancellation was suspicious. (There was a new round of preorders opening and the price jumped a bit.) The second time there was no issue whatsoever. The third time revealed the company is very unethical and it's terrible customer service wasn't a one off issue. I pre ordered a $200+ figure. I never received the package, and the tracking number was never marked delivered. I called to see if they could track it, and got the news that to them, it was delivered. I assured them it was not. They told me it was. They told me to wait on it. No matter how many times I called there was never any resolution, and it was clear unless I could force the issue they had no intention on finding the package or helping me replace it. The preorder was past the date I could do a paypal claim. Now I am out $200+ and am never getting that figure. It was a stunning scam, since I'm positive the package had 'returned to sender' according to every mail official I called, but they denied it all and refused to do anything about it. I've never had anything even remotely similar happen in 10+ years of collecting. It's a roulette of whether you receive your package or not, and if you don't, good luck with FIXING any problem that ensues. Spoiler- it's not going to happen, and they are actually the definition of money-grubbing, it's unbelievable.
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