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bad experience with customer service & shipping on nippon-yasan

So what can I say? First of all, I normally like Nippon-Yasan. I also buy at other markets like Amiami, Mandarake or SolarisJapan (of course, there are more sellers), but I really like NY, so why I write this? Their Customer Service suck hard. I have never experienced a behaviour like that from a customer service. NEVER! If you make advertisement for a certain shipping method and you say its save and there is protection and insurance and you get a DAMAGED box, when you buy a BRAND NEW item+box... this sucks. Also there return policy sucks hard. Check the pictures I add (if they disappear, write me, I will save them). The chatlog / supportticket: The item when it arrived: Update: they made it on sale for 6980Yen (read at the comments: ) and now it is for a "normal price" of 7650yen. Thats offending... they didnt want to partial refund for damages, after paying almost 10k + shipping + vat. and now they lower it by 25%. What an insult!
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