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Feedbacks • Shopping Mall Japan

  • Effective but expensive

    Shopping Mall Japan offers all the options you'd need to buy Japanese goods but their shipping can be very expensive. It's also frustratingly opaque for North American customers as they automatically forward items from Japan to their US warehouse and bill you an amount without any transparency or choice in the matter. This is before you arrange final shipping which is another charge. The website claims this keeps costs down but I find this impossible to believe.

    After receiving a shocking shipping bill I won't be using them again. Try some other proxy services in the database here.
    1 ano atrás
  • Most expensive auction site out there

    Very expensive way to shop.
    Not good when you really want a figure and can't help it :(
    2 anos atrás
  • Shipping rate is very expensive and slow!!

    SMJ is my first time using proxy and honestly I was very disappointed. I brought a 400 yen doujin and my grand total came in as $36 dollars. What the heck that's totally a rip off! I didn't even order EMS! They sent me two invoices, one for shipping to their warehouse and one to my address. The shipping to their warehouse was 16.75$. Seriously...that's also included in the invoice was service fee (6 USD) and processing fee (3 USD). Ugh...The next invoice was 22$ to my address. So yeah shipping is really expensive for a 400 yen item. It was also slow too orz..
    3 anos atrás
  • One of few places that ships adult items.

    I'd generally prefer Japonica, but when looking for R18 items your middleman choices are severely limited.
    3 anos atrás
  • Suck SMJ

    I recommend to not use this web proxy service.
    One month pass. I still not get my items.
    Super bad customer service. Mr. Nick
    I ask the question.Then I got the question.

    This is SUCK!!!!!
    4 anos atrás
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