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Great place to pre-order

I have used Biginjap extensively to pre-order figures. They have a great selection and the prices are competitive. Customer service is also very good. They respond to emails and complex requests in good English. The packing of the boxes are also very professional and I only had one figure box out of ~30 that was dented on the top (stuff happens I guess on international shipping). The shipping prices in the past used to be very competitive with Fedex International for USA customers. However recently the FedEx prices have gone up to the point that it's basically comparable to Amiami. Due to the shipping price increases the total price is likely comparable to Amiami and Amiami offers points for purchases whereas Biginjap does not. Biginjap shipping price may be slightly cheaper than Amiami still because their boxes are not as thick and they do not use so much paper padding as Amiami.
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