Feedbacks Aikoudo

4★ - Crawling back up?
Today I got the notice and confirmation that my Kotetsu T. Kaburagi Master Stars Piece has been shipped out to me...
It was planned to be available in November so I am surprised, but seeing the problems other people have had lately I didn't expect a shipping notification until December/January or so...
But here it got in my mailbox, and it is really on it's way here...
I hope Aikoudo is back on track, I love the way they pack things so securely ^w^
11 anos atrás
1★ - scammers
It's been over 2 months, my figures never arrived and they ignore all emails.

Edit: They finally sent it after 4 months of waiting.
11 anos atrás
anime_addicted Beyond Obsession
1★ - Aikoudo went bad!
I used not to have any problems with Aikoduo in terms of communication and receiving my items. However, for almost 3 months now, they've been ignoring all my emails regarding my orders as they have to be shipped long ago now, And as i read the previous feedback, i now know i am not the only victim! i have no idea what's got into them so suddenly.
Edit: They emailed me saying their system was off/errored or something. They apologized and sent out all my items and refunded the items that went out of stock!
11 anos atrás
5★ - Fantastic Service
I preordered an Azone doll on the 19th Oct and received it on the 4th of Dec. During late November/early December, I contacted them a few times and they replied within the day or the next day. My item was packaged securely with bubblewrap around the good and the rest of the area in the box was stuffed with newspaper.

At first I was worried since I didn't realise they had negative feedback til after I had ordered, but I'm thankful that things went well.
10 anos atrás
3★ - Superb packing!
Can not complain about the service. Two orders got home smoothly without problem. They even mail me and asked if my address was correct written before they sent my order. Had forgotten to write my City^^*felt dumb* Got tracking code just a half hour after mailed right info. But a little to excessive packing in my opinion for a plush with both bubble wrap, paper and a big thick cardboard box (so why their expensive shipping cost). Must say their website is the biggest problem, its just complicated and many unnecessary menus with no use whats so ever.
10 anos atrás