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3★ - communication ZERO
bought WCF kids One Piece from them, they never answered my mails, i thought i would never receive my items,but luckily i got them, even a paypal dispute didn't worked so if you have a problem turn it into a claim immediately!
11 anos atrás
3★ - Superb packing!
Can not complain about the service. Two orders got home smoothly without problem. They even mail me and asked if my address was correct written before they sent my order. Had forgotten to write my City^^*felt dumb* Got tracking code just a half hour after mailed right info. But a little to excessive packing in my opinion for a plush with both bubble wrap, paper and a big thick cardboard box (so why their expensive shipping cost). Must say their website is the biggest problem, its just complicated and many unnecessary menus with no use whats so ever.
10 anos atrás
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