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Take care of your figures!Stuck peg fix?

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    I finally attached the ribbon peg into her back but in turn one of the pegs at the bottom snapped off of the ribbon and is stuck into the base. It seems that the peg was turned a bit from how it was supposed to go in and that’s why it’s so stuck in ( ・ᴗ・̥̥̥ ). Can anyone tell me a safe way to fix it or make it more stable?https://static.myfigurecollection.net/image/CapCha1514659579.jpeg
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    I don't have this figure but looking at the comments on its page, it looks like the ribbon is a recurring problem. First check that the foot is correctly driven all the way down on its peg (many Alter figures need an extra push there).
    When it is, assess the ribbon offset again. If it fits, just put it in place.
    If it still doesn't fit, you have two options:

    Either contact Alter with a description of the problem and ask for replacement (I've never tried Alter's customer service so I don't know what to expect).

    Or you can try to correct the missalignment by heating the plastic using a method like this one for example: BLOG #32592
    If you go with this solution, you will first have to determine which part must be heated to correct the alignment (it could be the ribbon, the leg or the foot)
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