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FigmAddictsArcade 1/12 diorama - Phase 3

kopkekopke2 meses atrásFigmAddicts

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  • kopkeRegular Boarder
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    So, I while ago I started purchasing the Wave 1/12 scale model kits... then I realized I had a decent amount so decided to make an action figure Arcade Center diorama, here's my result.

    It is still growing (since there have been more releases). Since I don't want to take much MFC server space with all the pictures, I'm leaving my Flickr photo album here: www.flickr.com/...

    Does any of you collect these? Share your pics with Figmas or other action figures too! I would loove to see that!

  • Raam401Regular Boarder
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    Hey hey, I'm one step closer to building something close to your magnificent diorama! Sure, it'll never be as pretty or have such a huge collection in it, but still; I'm planning to buy this house in Greece for the holidays, it has a semi-basement where I'm planning to build a "mancave" with my (and my son's) figurine collection, our model kits and my airsoft stuff. I mean, I do want to put these on display and see them, but it's hard in a flat in an expensive city...
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    That's a pretty cool arcade setup you got there!
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