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The Yaoi and Shounen ai clubIssues with buying yaoi novels/manga online

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    Hi everyone! I have a few BL novels that I would like to buy online, because I would really like to get my grubby little hands on them. Hehe.^^ However, living in Canada, I have heard stories of people getting their stuff confiscated (Especially for gay-themed materials. This seems really unfair.), or having to pay an insane amount of tax before the mail man will release their packages. How much of this is true? What kinds of experiences do you guys have when it comes to bringing yaoi novels or manga into Canada?

    Also, is there a difference when buying from different shops? I heard that cdJapan's packaging is very commercial, and is more likely to get hit with taxes.

    I'm planning on buying 8 BL novels, which includes all 6 volumes of Ai no Kusabi. Since Ai no Kusabi will probably be the most R-rated thing I'm going to buy, does anyone have any experience with shipping it to Canada?(^_^;)

    With the weight of the books coming up to around 1700g (1.7 Kg), I'm wondering if that high package weight is a sure way to get dinged by customs for tax? The price will come up to around 5700 yen, not including tax. Plus with cdJapan's infamous packaging... I'm really lost on how to get my hands on these books for the lowest price, and without having to worry about getting my shipment confiscated?

    I really would appreciate any help! Thank you!\(^O^)/
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    I think as long as the covers of the novels aren't explicit images or the blurbs a dead given away for R18+ or fetish material, you should be ok. ;w;

    Customs seems to have the most issues with straight up porn, so hopefully Ai no Kusabi's covers are tame enough to get through. OTL (I'm super jealous btw XD)

    I'm from Australia though, so its probably not very helpful, but maybe. qvq;;;;

    I'm also going through a similar issue myself; I want to order the physical copy of the VN No, Thank You!! but since openly states that it's R18+ and has explicit images on the back cover, I'm super worried that they're going to be withheld in customs. OTL OTL

    If it's of any consolidation though, I've ordered the manga His Favorite online before (from Book Depository, when it was still cheap |D and, while they're light on the BL aspect overall, they did arrive. ;w;

    I wish you luck! > <)//////
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