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Spare PartsRules and Guidelines

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    • Don't come here if you want to sell a whole figure -- this club is for selling spare parts only.

    • State whether you are [Selling] or [Hunting] in the thread title.
      [Selling] Nendoroid Parts
      [Hunting] Figma Hand Pieces

    • Provide link(s) to the figure entry and official picture of the part where possible.

    • Try to keep all of your selling and/or hunting in your own thread. If you are looking to purchase something, make a thread about it, same as if you are selling.

    • Swapping/Trading is allowed and encouraged.

    • Don't ridiculously overprice your parts -- no one's going to pay $50 for one of BRS's faces or something.

    • No bootleg parts allowed.

    • Be polite! We're all here for the same reason and no one will want to sell to you if you stomp and scream and throw a tantrum.

    • It's up to the buyer and seller to sort out payment methods.

    • If there is a problem with a sale, simply contact myself or Mia-chan and we'll do our best to sort it out.

    • Don't falsely title your thread. If you're selling Revoltech parts, don't advertise figma parts.
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    i was wondering!
    re-ment parts can be sold here as well?
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