• I'm amazed by the volume and polish of your work! From a branding and marketing aspect, I would think that any of the manufacturers would die to have you on their staff capturing amazing photos of their figures.

    Many thanks for your dedication to the hobby and industry. It's clear you love what you're doing here! :)


    UPDATE: DOH! (hand to the forehead) .. I just looked through your pics, and I guess I thought your shots were the actual product shots that are littered throughout the figure installments in the database. Are you more of a site admin, adding figures to the MFC site and uploading manufacturer imagery? Whatever the case, I'm still glad to see you here doing what you're doing! :)
    10 meses atrás
    Kaneel on Ice

    please don't forget to tag your event picture uploads properly.
    Especially the new york toy fair uploads to avoid confusion with the wonfes uploads.

    2 anos atrás
    BadWolfVindici5 anos atrás#3347857Thanx for the FR :)
    You have so many lovely straps! And Oz-kun is one the most adorable ones <3

    No problem also thank you so much too! Oz-kun is a precious cinnamon roll so must get lots of love :D
    5 anos atrás
    BadWolfVindici5 anos atrás#3045812Однажды я обязательно запомню, куда Цукиборд сыплет FR и перестану фэйспалмить на эту тему xD
    Это будет однажды, а пока... ;3
    5 anos atrás
    DeadlyAnime Web Designer
    View spoilerHide spoilerYou are the birthday star today... Happy birthday! ...xD ...xD
    5 anos atrás
    No problem ^^ You're welcome =) Thanks for your comments !
    BadWolfVindici6 anos atrás#2122066Sorry, I just saw your message. Thank you very much!!! It' so nice of you *___* And an entrance to Narnia to store all figure boxes would be great :D
    6 anos atrás
    I hope you have a beautiful day and get at least half of what you want !

    Happy Birthday ! =)
    6 anos atrás
    BadWolfVindici8 anos atrás#1181377Naaah, I'm not a yaoi girl at all :D And my only OTP it the one with me and my fav character ^///^ The problem is I still can't decide between Tyki Mikk and Vergil *///* Both, please @_@

    Yeah, that's him. But he's such a wimp and spineless chap! He doesn't even have a figure (what a protagonist xD). And has no darkside. No, wait, Kagura is his darkside. One more point to Kagura anyway ^^

    Haha! Too bad! There's a lot of nice Dante X Vergil artworks *///*
    Well, why choosing? You can have both ^^

    Hmm, hmm, ok. Sure Kagura is the best guy in this show (for what I saw) but I love the strange guy with long silver hair too...don't know his name though....

    OOOOOoooOOOHHH! I just figured out you are the girl I sold my Vergil!!! How bad I am, sorry! Is he doing well? Not too bad? When he was at home, he was really noisy, always yelling he wanted to kill his bro...but as I had no Dante at this time....XDDDD
    8 anos atrás
    BadWolfVindici8 anos atrás#1180333"Feral" - i mean when Kagura is like "it's mine stinking wench" and all this stuff ^^ And when Mikage makes him go mad ^^ Gee, I'm cruel, but angry Kagura = sexy Kagura *____________*
    Mikono is... Mikono -_- The one and only thing I like about her is Shushu :D And she doesn't deserve him either.

    I hope MH's Kagura goes without Amata's interchangeable head xD

    HAHA :D We're bad girls ^^ But imo, Kagura deserves a beautiful BL story :p Do you love BL? *////////////*

    Hmmmmmmmm, amata is the guy with orange hair, ne? You don't like him? He's somehow cute ^^
    8 anos atrás
    BadWolfVindici8 anos atrás#1176360Oh yeah, especially when he's in his feral mode <3 But I still can't understand what did he find in Mikono. She's not like Silvia at all >.< Not that I was so fond of Silvia while watching Sousei no Aquarion, but in comparison to Mikono she's ideal -_- Sorry for grumbling. Where was I? Oh, yes.
    You are a heartless woman, I need to make my translations for today, and I'm re-watching this episode again xDDD Shame on you! A demon and a woman :D
    IMO, figure!Kagura is very like anime!Kagura. Well, maybe not to the last detail, but still. (The only worry is whether that seam/clavicle(?)line will or will not be there in the end). Although I wouldn't mind if there was one (or not one ^^) more figure of Kagura ^^ Something like this maybe *_*
    Red-haired bishies, white-haired bishies, black-haired bishies... *_* Hm. I wonder are there any bald bishies? O.o

    haha! Didn't watch those two animes atm but...feral mode? what's this *///* Oh and yes, Mikono is....really.....she doesn't deserve him at all (I'm the only one who deserve him MUAHAHHAHAHAHAHA!)and sorry for your translations, it seems they're gonna wait a little longer fufufufu ^^

    Hmmmmm, yeah, I'd be glad with an Altair Kagura too ^^ like on the pic you showed me nyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ^^ he's so handsooooooooooooooome!!!
    8 anos atrás
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