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    Chloe-tsundere (5 anos atrás) #1396021Ik heb het betaald.. Moet zeggen dat ik persoonlijk het duur vind en geen goede desl xP maarjs dat is mijn mening..
    Ik wacht nog op je 10tje rest heb ik al binnen,dankje
    Oh slecht nieuws.. Het is 119 euro.. Dus ik stuur je even door als bewijs dus word duurder voor je.. Krijg ik dus ietsje meer nog
    ja dan krijg je nog 14 euro toch :g is geen probleem .-. en ik had de laatste ikaros want er staat nu out of stock O: en mn vriendin zei k geef t morgen terug c: als ze het niet vergeet hahahah en geen probleem ;) ik zie dat bewijs vanzelf wel n keer bij mn mail ofzo xD
    5 anos atrás
    Chloe-tsundere (5 anos atrás) #1395989Well same here.. Kind of lonely noe i wanted to meet poumy as we talked but they ask fresking ridiculous amounts for a trip.. I pay 120 euro -_- ..
    Well i have 9 lessons on fridsy .l and 6 from the same teacher .. Ugh so thats always annoying even she herself doesnt like it lol
    1,5 year schoolyears that is .. Well i can but then i have no certificate and need to pay much money .. So no thnx i got no future then .. Im already old

    120€? That is really much money... If you pay that much you have to stay at least one week so the amount you paid was worth it =_=

    6 lessons with the same teacher? XD
    Bloody hell...

    1,5 year can be very long time but at least there is an end in sight for you...

    Old, you? I do not think so XD
    At least if the age on your profile is correct!
    5 anos atrás
    Chloe-tsundere (5 anos atrás) #1395964Btw what makes you love xiao mei so much?
    For many reasons I suppose:

    1.) I love Tony's art, 2.) I loooove cat girls, and 3.) She has an amazing color scheme and design about her...I just love her Chinese qípáo outfit!
    5 anos atrás
    Chloe-tsundere (5 anos atrás) #1395320If only i could! I need to pass lol
    I do hate the school and im not rlly big friends with my classmates either..
    Yeaa uni was worse.. I chose a lower kevel so i can relax!
    Yeah for me its not pressure though mainly depression and yea udually spending the say in bed or on the couch watching tv lol..
    Im glad its going better for you
    Im going to school today 8 lessons.. Long day lol

    Sucks that you can't change your school... And you even don't have friends there! How long do you still need to go to this school?

    It is not only the pressure... I am so alone in Munich, don't know many people there and the ones I know aren't real friends =_=

    8 lessons is much, really hated that XD
    But the 9 lessons was the hell on earth, don't know how I survived that...
    5 anos atrás
    Chloe-tsundere (5 anos atrás) #1395934Im sure she eill! I saw xiao for 5,5 k is that a good price? Though yamato has my fav xiao mei i must say
    That's not a bad price at all.

    Yamato Xiao is lovely...her treasure chest is such a unique prop among figures. You can hide your treasures in it, too! (^_-)
    5 anos atrás
    Chloe-tsundere (5 anos atrás) #1395921It is, but atm it isnt luckily this week our prayers were heard! Sun is shining hehe
    Yah i cant wait for mine .. Shes so lovely... And so big!

    ...and she will look SO good next to Koto Xiao :)
    5 anos atrás
    Chloe-tsundere (5 anos atrás) #1394631Hey do you perhaps want to sell some shana tradng figs? Especially ITEM #3278
    Catches my eye...
    Lt me know,

    Nope, she's my waifu :3
    5 anos atrás
    Chloe-tsundere (5 anos atrás) #1395898
    But shes worth it!

    Indeed, she is!

    So figures aside, how are things in the Netherlands? Is it cold this time of year?
    5 anos atrás
    So after thinking it over, I ordered Lorna...even with the high shipping cost I couldn't resist ^_^
    5 anos atrás
    Chloe-tsundere (5 anos atrás) #1395732Gek genoeg gisteren gekeken stond nog niets op dus zal vanavond nogmaals kijken..
    En dat is idd mooi nieuws :)
    hehehe okee :) ik wil proberen die hatsune yukata nendo te krijgen als ze uit is gaat wel lastig worden en duur zijn maar ik vind haar zo schattig hihi en yup mn vriendin gaf het morgen ...we zouden nr een concert gaan maar ze gaat nu naar pinkpop wat mij te duur is .-. helaas...nja 16 euro rijker xD en ipv treinkaart kan ik dan volgende maand een nendo doen ;) dan probeer ik denkik meteen mijn paypal uit.
    5 anos atrás
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