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    Gabmag10 (2 anos atrás) #15907210All good :DDD i hope they've gone well for you! haha i watch them a lot because i live with them and their mother is out a lot, so they're always with me. now that they have school though i have free time during the day! yay!
    i sooo wanted to go to the maid cafe but the maids were standing out the front and they were like adorable and everything was so sparkly and white xD i couldnt work up the nerve, even if my step dad said we could go in together. i was super shy about it for some reason haha
    yeah I want to go early next year if i can, im seriously considering it. yeah i havent bought a whole lot lately, i bought myself a wacom tablet, and preordered some yuri!!! on ice things but thats about it i think.
    yuri on ice is really sooooo good, my cousin ben has it on his favourites list which is a new thing for him, he'd never have enjoyed something like that before. its nice to watch it with someone else though. YES omg only 10 episodes, when i found out i was really disappointed :'( hopefully they announce a fourth season then?? idk...i still cant wait for my haikyuu nendoroid releases~ tsukki turned out awesome. ohhhh i havent played in a bit either :'( i want to, but havent found that much time. saying that, im still playing idolish7 so i must have some time lol. i'll check out watashi ga motete dousunda :D thanks for the recommendation! it looks really good. you should watch nanbaka if you havent yet! its funny ^_^
    thank you for sending your address yay :D i should have reminded you before i left but it was all a mess while i was getting ready to go xD
    yes its really soon ^_^ haha my grandma is lovely, she knows what i like <3
    ohhh you should totally do 707s! it was really nice (but kind of heart wrenching). I love MM so much :') i've also been playing another mobile game called Liar! which is fun.
    you're so right xD i have so many things in my wishlist yet cant decide what i want...i still really wanna get my first BJD, i was thinking of getting a Kid Delf Luts Yuz (he's really cute). Since Native's Aoba got pushed back to January I could probably get it if I wanted to.
    yesss haikyuu nendoroids would be good for her, but i want them all to myself too xD since shes watching yuri on ice too she really wants to learn to ice skate, and she wants the nendoroids as well. i'll keep an eye out for some for her though! :D

    YUP i have an exam tomorrow ..... and i'm procrastinating... haha ... that's me... <___> oohhh i see i see
    it's okay i probably would have been way too embarrassed to enter as well omg i think i'd only be able to enter a maid cafe with a friend rip actually i think i'd still be embarrassed even when i'm in LOL OH WELL it's ok you can probably try again when you go to japan!!
    OOHHH a tablet have fun with that! i have a tablet but it's really old and i haven't used it in a while.. LOL it's probably dead by now
    i thought yuri on ice was about girls when i first heard about it but boy was i wrong omg also that's nice to hear! :D YEAH MAN.. 10 EPS WHAT they're probably only doing that because they don't wanna catch up to the manga and make random filler eps haha so i guess it's okay... tsukki's face plates are the best HAHA but i don't have him rip in peace also np! i hope you enjoy the anime it's quite funny LOL AND SUREEE i'll check it out after my exams are over (crying)
    oh no it's fine! your holiday was more important so nw at all!!! i'd like to give you a birthday gift but idk what.. ;___; and it probably wouldn't reach you in time ajskhdakkjJKFDSKJASD
    my friend finished all of it but here i am.. i still haven't done any other route.. LOL cry i wanna do yoosoung, zen and jumin before 707 but idk if i'm patient enough for that tbh D:
    OH YEAHHH THE BJD why don't you just get that then? and you can buy cute clothes and accessories too
    what about ice skating lessons for a birthday gift? and a nendo maybe IDK LOL
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    Gabmag10 (2 anos atrás) #15749289That's okay XD ive been super super busy too with my little cousins! thankfully they're back at school now so I have a little time to myself.
    sleeping on the floor is sooo weird xD like, i didnt think i'd be able to sleep with the amount of noise and people walking past me. its the first time i've ever used a face mask and it was really helpful. everything was great! animate in bangkok was really fun and they had a maid cafe, arcades, real life escape games, all sorts! they did have aircon...it was on so high i froze during the night haha.
    i was meant to go to japan at the end of our thailand trip but it turned out to change the flight times was going to cost $700 so we couldnt do it :'( thats why i had so much money to blow at animate, since i was saving for that D: it was all pretty expensive but i liked what i bought anyway.
    im enjoying yuri!!! on ice ofcourse...i think everyone is...haikyuu! season 3 is great, but only 10 episodes :( Nanbaka is really funny. Touken Ranbu! :D also Gakuen Handsome....I'm not watching that much but im enjoying them all.
    i still have to finish some from last season that i missed while i was away. ALSO you still gotta resend me your address :D at the rate its going it'll be a christmas present xD
    OH! my birthday is pretty soon! my grandma got me the idolish7 first album limited edition and a friend got me the Mystic Messenger RFA pack, im not sure what else i should grab though D: im not sure what i wanttttt its so hard xD mia wants me to get her some more nendos for her birthday and christmas too, so im trying to work out which ones as well.

    ah............ 6 days late i'm sorry T___T i'm in my exam period atm BUT IT'S ALMOST OVER YES.......
    why did you have to look after your cousins?? :o glad to hear that you're taking a break!!
    omg yeah taht would have been weird LOL thankfully you actually got to sleep asjkdhkajsd OOOOOOOOHH THAT SOUNDS SO FUN did you check out the maid cafe and escape games??
    aww nooooooo D: it's okay you'll get another chance to go to japan one day!! at least you had extra $$$ for the animate stuff amirite HAHA i haven't gotten anime merchandise in a while... nothing has really caught my eye lately ;___;
    oh yeah SAME yuri on ice is great LOL oh wait what REALLY HAIKYUU IS ONLY 10 EPS WTF i didn't even know that nooooooooo.... i haven't played touken ranbu in a while because there's like weird lag when i do play T___T so i'm glad the anime is out.. i'm also watching s5 of natsume yuujinchou! OH i think you'll enjoy an anime called watashi ga motete dousunda it's pretty funny OH GAKUEN HANDSOME IS GREAT LOL the ed animation is the best it had me in tears
    your birthday is in 2 weeks right?? i love that your grandma knows what you like and gifts you that stuff it's amazing haha OHHH mystic messenger i still haven't played any route other than jae hee's... i really wanna play 707's though I'M SURE YOU'LL FIND THE THINGS YOU WANT just look through your mfc wishlist JK
    hmmm what does she like? i think she liked haikyuu right (??) you could buy her nendos from there
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    Gabmag10 (2 anos atrás) #15749131Yes I'm happy to finally be back!! :D I've been so busy with my family lately :'( I mean, i love them but time to myself is great too haha.
    Wow! I haven't been able to pick up much things because I spent so much on my holiday, but once I pay for Aoba I'll start ordering more things definitely.
    My trip was amazing! We went to Phuket, Bangkok and Singapore and I enjoyed it a lot. Animate was awesome! The whole top level of MBK where it is was great, it had a maid cafe, arcades, and lots of other fun things like real like escape rooms. I didn't realise you'd been before, thats awesome! I definitely want to go again.
    I'm hoping to go to Beijing, Seoul and Tokyo in the next year or so, and I'd love to do one before I go back to Uni next year....
    In other news, its my birthday on the 23rd of next month! I don't know what to ask for, a friend got me the Mystic Messenger Physical Edition, and I grabbed the Idolish7 1st Album limited edition ver. but I'm not sure what else I want. Then it's christmas! Very excited ^_^ December is my favourite time of the year. My cousin Mia wants me to get her another Nendo since they're her favourites but I'm not sure which to get her, hmmmmm.

    It’s like that each time when there’s a holiday planned for that month X’D I always end up so broke after my holiday trips lol
    Wow you went to Thailand and Singapore? Nice~ it sounds really exciting especially animate and the escape rooms ^^ Did you try it? The escape rooms I mean lol Omg I was so young back then I couldn’t remember anything except for a very vague memory of a boat ride with my family. Gosh that reminds me, I haven’t really plan on where to go yet. Do you have any suggestions?
    Uwah so exciting! Seoul’s a great place to visit but Beijing eh? I’ve never been to China before. I wonder how different the cultures are over there? I used to think that Japan and Korea are similar but after having been to both countries, boy how naïve I was to even think that X’D Let me know if you need any information about Seoul or Tokyo ^^
    Oh have you watched Touken Ranbu Hanamaru yet? I recently watched the first episode and omg Naki and Gokotai is so adorable~! And it’s so funny that Shokudaikiri and Hasebe acts like their mum to the other TR boys X’D And it’s amazing that Yuri!!! on Ice actually got many of the real life figure skaters’ attention! I have yet to watch Natsume Yuujinchou Go though ;A; Any anime series that you’re excited for this season?
    Hmm maybe get a figure on your wishlist or something that you’ve been wanting for some time? Yes! I can hardly believe that there’s only two more months left till end of the year! Christmas is my favourite time of the year too :D Hmm Mia seems to like Haikyuu!! so why not get her a nendo from that series?
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    Gabmag10 (2 anos atrás) #15157858I'm finally back! YAY! Well, I got back around a week ago but I've been resting up (also catching up with World of Warcraft.....)
    The trip was awesome! I did lots of fun things although...we missed out flight on the way home :( They changed the time and didn't tell us and we had to buy new ones and sleep in the airport :'( it was a long night.
    I went to animate in Bangkok and is was really cool but still pricey, I ended up spending like $500 there though rip.
    How have you been anyway??? I have to catch up on anime D: all the new ones are starting and I still havent finished the old ones!!

    oh my gosh 12 days ago I'M SO SORRY I HAVEN'T BEEN ON MFC LATELY AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA HELLO THOUGH!!! haha it's ok i see you on bnet playing WoW and i'm playing OW sOOOO
    i'm happy to hear that the trip was great! how was the sky diving and stuff?? dudee that's so sad... sleeping in the airport must have sucked (and paying extra money ajksdhjkasd).. was there an aircon at least? D:
    AAAAAAAAAAAAAA $500 AHHAHA OMG HOWWW i'd be too scared to spend that much.. i'd probably only spend like.. at most $100 HAHA i'm so cheap x__X
    I'VE BEEN GOOD my second semester of uni is almost over but that means i have my finals soon... <___> AND .. IVE BEEN PLAYING OVERWATCH .. YEAH.. what's new am i right LOL aaaah yeah all the anime! there's a lot of good ones this season what are you interested in?
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    Gabmag10 (2 anos atrás) #15157908Pheeeew I'm finally back from overseas. How have you been?? I feel like I'm so behind in everything, especially anime and figure news.
    I went to animate in bangkok and it was awesome! I ended up spending way too much there D:
    Any good hauls lately??

    Oh you were on a holiday trip? No wonder I haven't heard from you for so long. Welcome back! :D Yeah there were tons of announcements and opening of POs so much so my wallet's begging for mercy ;A; Haha I've been feeling a little queasy but apart from that I'm fine ^^
    The biggest news for me was that GSC is releasing TWO Touken Ranbu scale figures (Kashuu and Jiji). Pretty ballsy if you ask me so I'm really hoping the quality doesn't suffer. Amakuni's Crow and Kotobukiya's Natsume finally got a coloured prototype! So excited!! And there's been a lot of ARTFX re-releases as well but the biggest re-release ought to be Gilgamesh's nendo. :)
    Ah I'll be going there end of this year! How was your trip?? Is the animate there huge with lots of merch?? Man, it's been ages since I've been to Thailand...the last time was like 1999? X'D
    Haha I've managed to survive through my most brutal months of August and September so I'm really glad that I don't have much orders left. Gotta save some money for my trip :P Once again, welcome back! :D
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    Gabmag10 (3 anos atrás) #13609688Yesss Servamp is really good actually, I'm enjoying it. Binan Koukou season two is nearly better than the first season, it's hilarious and has 150% more butts in it.
    I'll definitely get around to watching it, it looks really relaxing and nice.
    She got it for me when she was in England xD I was super excited about it too. You should watch it! It was a good season.
    OMG the latest chapters have been crazy, so much has been happening. The last chapter that came out was nice though, it seemed like everything was kind of back to normal phew. I hope one day it could get an official release, I'd definitely buy them all.
    Wonfes was great! These are my favourites: ITEM #464806 ITEM #464601 ITEM #464590 ITEM #464570 ITEM #464652
    that last one in particular is so so so beautiful :')

    Oh I’ll definitely check it out! :D I just love these 19 Days boys~ ^^ Maybe I should start asking some publishers to pick this series up like seriously the world needs to know this awesome series! An anime adaptation would be great!! Ah Fire Emblem. Never played it before. How is the game? The P5 hype is definitely real. A figma from both P3 AND P5!! I am so tempted to get them all. Wonder if they’ll re-release P4 figma as well? :3 Ah, Kanade. I feel so guilty for wanting a 5th grader figure. Those legs *q* They don't belong to a 5th grader at all!! X'D Totally agree~ That figure will be my centerpiece of my OTP shrine ^^
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    Sounds like you had a hard time, it's great that things are going better now. My sibs and I live separately, but I stay over sometimes during the holidays, and it gets so crazy when all 5 of us are under the same roof. Sometimes I get asked to look after the two littlest ones so the parents can sleep in for once xD
    Nice, have fun! Be sure to get haul pics so you can show off anything you get there :D Are you stopping by Brisbane or going to the Gold Coast theme parks? Maybe you could call them on Skype if you'll have wi-fi access. My grandma was overseas for my birthday once and did that.

    Oh no D: I got the Monokuma Nendo and accidentally broke its arm trying to switch it, and my friend ended up getting Sepang Miku and she arrived damaged. Devastation TT__TT
    Haha, poor Koujaku. If only I had a second Aoba. The struggle of choosing how to pose a Nendo.

    Looks like the manga's finishing this month, the anime could be adapting all of it :D
    I'm torn on Kyrie. His banter with the others was funny, but his route was bad, it's annoying that less-than-healthy relationships are so common in otoge :\ Caramia's cute, I loved the surprise megane.
    Yeh xD I know they're IT guys and they've seen everything, but I still don't think they would care to see the game lmao

    Those all look so cool. I didn't plan to order Ritsu, but after seeing dat expression, I think I will. Since I'm not into figma, I really hope they make a scale or Nendo of P5's protagonist. Are you getting the limited edition of the game?
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    Gabmag10 (3 anos atrás) #13609582Yeah Singapore and Thailand :D its only about a month till i fly to queensland and then i go from there. on the way back im spending a week there too! :D
    omg i knoooow, it made me not want to play the game anymore :'( it was so sad. whos death?? i didnt get spoiled for any which was good, phew.
    im making a wally nendoroid/obitsu right now :D i need to get the hair piece for it still though. also a few more faceplates.
    ohhhh okay i'll go buy 999 or get an r4 card then xD i used to have an old one but i think i need a new one for my 3ds rip.
    ALSO i called up and they had no clue, so i went in and they'd dropped it behind the counter...rip....at least it was found xD but front got ripped so i have to put your address on it again but i cant find it, could you send it again ^_^ ??

    SOUNDS SO FUN!! are you gonna go to the theme parks in QLD?? how long will you spend altogether? :D try to steer clear from street food in thailand because i think it might give you an upset stomach.. BUT I'M PRETTY SURE SINGAPORE IS 100% FINE
    yeah ikr ;__; i was glad that none of my absolute favourites died in dangan ronpa.. did any of yours die? ;A; omg IT WAS IBUKI BTW!!! I CANNOT BELIEVE I WAS SPOILED AKJSDHAKSHDJK i was like wow she is very cute i hope she does not die-- "status: deceased" ... oh...
    ooohh tell me how it goes you should show me the finished product!
    you can just play it on your PC with an emulator so you don't have to spend any money (haha pirate life) the games are relatively short so i hope you have fun solving those puzzles
    omfg LOL THANK YOU AUSPOST AHHA they've done that to my friend before aksjhdaksd BUT YAY I'M GLAD IT WASN'T LOST IN TRANSIT
    3 anos atrás
    How did you end up living with your cousins btw? Sounds fun, but hectic at times. Yuu caught my eye too, he has a nice design, plus Souma Saito :3 Ryo is adorbs too.

    Awesome! I'd love to go to Singapore someday. Is the trip for study or anything, or just a holiday?
    I'm so torn on how to pose Clear when I get him. I want to pose him giving his umbrella to Aoba, but that would mean breaking up Aoba and Koujaku DX It's the most important decision of my life, I tell you!
    The Lamento characters would all look great as Nendos, but I don't think it's super likely either.
    I haven't read any of the Yowapeda manga, what sort of stuff happens in Spare Bike? I've heard it's a spinoff about the third years, but that's all I know.

    Good to hear the roof's going okay! :D I'm a sucker for "tough outside, adorkable inside" characters, so I loved Axel and Caesar. I accidentally read spoilers as well, but tbh I'm glad I did since some things made more sense and didn't feel out of place. The most recent episode of the anime had Caeser being a big baby and not eating his vegetables, everyone's so in character. What do you think of Kyrie and Caramia?
    So when I got NTY, my laptop's disc drive was broken. I went to the computer shop to get one of those USB disc drives, and the guy at the counter asked if I needed one urgently. I said I got a new game, and he said "ordering one in will take two weeks, if you bring the game disc in, I'll burn it to an ISO for you so you can play it while you wait". I stood there like "oh crap... what do I say!?" lmao I told him I'd just wait and ordered the disc drive. Cracks me up looking back xD

    I think this was the first WonFes where I was more excited for the prototypes of old announcements being shown than for the new announcements, there were so many draft figures to look forward to! I wasn't sure if I would get the UtaPri senpais, but after seeing the prototypes, Alter's definitely getting more of my money. I'm also throwing cash at the screen for their double Free figure. A Tony Taka fig I thought was doomed got out of development hell at last, which was a nice surprise. Nendo Chuuya should come with parts that let you pose him like Dazai's trolling him and he's annoyed :P The top comments on Jiji's 1/1 scale tho. Fangirls, fangirls.
    So what proto reveals did you like, and what new stuff are you hyped for?
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    Gabmag10 (3 anos atrás) #13217491Wow, there's some great anime this season! Mod Psycho is definitely fun and I'm enjoying Dangan Ronpa 3, Servamp and definitely Binan Koukou season 2. I'd love to see a scale and nendoroid of Todoroki, he's really cute and he'd suit a nendo so well. I've really wanted to watch Natsume Yuujinchou but never gotten around to it, I had no clue season 5 was coming out though! I didn't think there were that many. I've heard its a really nice anime though.
    I keep buying the first volumes of sets so I have nothing completed right now TAT I stopped reading Noragami online so I could buy the books but my Grandma accidentally brought me the volume I'm up to in German so I need to get back in to it.
    Ozmafia is pretty good, the art and music a probably my favourite things! Oh yeah, the mafia elements are super similar! I really REALLY want to play Lucky Dog, but I heard there wan't an English patch. A friend told me you can read the translation online and play the game alongside it though, which might be worth doing.

    I gotta check out Servamp since many said it’s good. Gah I haven’t even watched the first season and now there’s season 2? Re:Zero, DAYS, Handa-kun and 91 Days looks interesting as well ^^ Ah so many anime to watch~ You should definitely watch it! Each season only had like 13 episodes so not to worry :D I love this series so much~ I’m sure you’ll enjoy it too. I especially love marathoning the entire season on a lazy Sunday or when I’m down with a cold or something. And the soundtracks are lovely~
    There’s German translated manga in Australia? That reminds me I haven’t watch Noragami Aragoto yet XD Oh have you read the latest chapters of 19 Days? I nearly cried! This series need to be officially translated and released in the West like RIGHT NOW!! Oh and I have to ask the obligatory question; how is WonFes? ^^
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