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    Gabmag10 (3 anos atrás) #13217372That's okay :DD I'm heading on a holiday soon as well which will be great funnnn
    ohhh ozmafia is a visual novel, there is like a short style anime of it coming out this season which doesnt follow the same storyline but its cute. i like the story but i was really spoiled for the ending :'(
    yesss here it is imgur.com/a/3EK... the pictures really BAD sorry D: but i love it so much, the face on the left is my favourite!
    noooo i havent gotten it yet, ive been saving for my trip but i should really just buy it. RIP widowmaker sounds really hard now, im such a bad aim. my ID is Gabmag#1698 though so feel free to dd me for when i do get it! i mostly play wow and sometimes hearthstone...
    oh nooo its still so long away, i didnt even realise! relife was pretty good, i watched it with my cousina nd he was super in to it. i didnt SUPER like the ending but it was still pretty good. oh god the sakamoto stuff is just too sad :'( i had a lot of fun with the series until learning about that theory RIP
    omg yes there are huuuge spoilers thats for sure, but dangan ronpa 2 is lots of fun to play anyway so its worth it. my favourite is kuzuryuu forever <3 but komaeda is great too. ohh i REALLY want to play 999 because the new one looks great, i was thinking of just playing the newer one first but i didnt know if there'd be any spoilers or anything, although they seem to be disconnected so it might be alright??? i haven't seen re:zero but i've heard lots of good things about it from friends, they said a recent episode was really sad/heartbreaking too. i really oughtta watch it!
    OH NO! Really?? I'll call them up about it today then :( thats so sad to hear, i hope it turns up. I'll let you know what they say!!!

    OHHH is it the singapore trip you talked about a while ago?? at least i think it was singapore.. i just remember you were gonna do sky diving and exciting stuff!! HAVE FUN!!
    ohh i see okay, i might check it out then. aww nooo i hate being spoiled for endings ;__; MY FRIEND ALMOST ALWAYS SPOILS ME UNTIL I SHUT HIM UP OMFG spoilers are the worst omfg i spoiled myself on a character death in dangan ronpa 2 and i really didn't want her to die..
    HAHA it's okay, it's very cute! hope you get more things wally themed in the future
    AAA YEAH IT'S OK saving for your trip is more important buy it only when you can ^^ well it's okay i think if you play as her for a while you'll get the hang of it!! that happened to me with d.va I WAS SO TERRIBLE AT HER but i think i'm getting better so all good. i wanna play more offense characters but people rarely choose support so .. I'LL BE THERE also i've added you! i'm guacamole
    still haven't watched relife aaa and my uni starts soon rip YEAH I KNOW... I HATE THAT SAD ENDING FOR SAKAMOTO DON'T DO THIS TO ME...
    my friend really likes gundam and atm i don't have a favourite (since i just finished the prologue) BUT WE SHALL SEEEEE i haven't continued dangan ronpa because i'm currently playing virtue's last reward so yea.. OHH I THINK ZTD IS A LITTLE CONNECTED TO 999 .. ?? so probably best to play 999 > vlr > ztd! you can DL an emulator (i use desmume) and DL the 990 ROM from any website ORRR you can just play 999 on your DS if you have one (just get it with an R4 HAHA)
    yep that ep was really .. the worst ALL KINDS OF BAD FEELINGS i hope you'll enjoy it if you decide to watch it :D
    THANK YOU OMFG YEAH I'M REALLY WORRIED ;A; i hope everything will turn out alright.. it'll be such a waste of your money if it did get lost in transit ajksdhaksdsad
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    Them otome fangirls are gettin' younger xD My sister turned 12 last month and she's already getting teased about future boyfriends. Poor thing, I'll try to stop our Dad from being too mean lol
    I'll start Mosspaca once I finish Orange. Speaking of cute boys, did you hear they're making a Sanrio Danshi app? Whoever at Sanrio came up with SD is a marketing genius. Cute boys who like cute things, how can any of us say no?

    Oooh, where are you going? My AmiAmi order's held up by one thing, so I'm getting Clear late too. Fingers crossed for WonFes! As well as anything DMMd, I hope we get something for Lamento's 10th anniversary. IIRC they announced more staff for Slow Damage in June's Cool-B, but that's all.
    At least we've got Spare Bike to make the wait easier. 2017's already looking awesome for anime. The new FLCL, Tourabu, more Kuroshitsuji, Yowapeda S3, Ao no Exorcist, I'm so excited!

    Hope the roof fixing turns out all right! Turns out my laptop was decidedly... not fixed ^^; My hard drive went kaput and it took several tries to save everything. Got it back again this evening, it's finally fixed for real now. Sorry for worrying you! DX
    Since Zestiria's split cour, at least there will be a break to catch up if we get behind. Holy moly, tell me about it! I've got 15 shows I'm watching, and I might start more later. I stayed up late to watch Ozmafia last week. Totally worth it since the ep was going to be about best boy xD
    What do you think of Amnesia so far? I don't want to say anything until I know where you're at bc of spoilers.
    Based Aksys licensing three otome games and the C:R fandisk! I'd really been hoping for all those. Mangagamer getting Bocchi Musume is great too, and the reaction to Hadaka Shitsuji during the livestream was glorious xD It'll be interesting to see how BM does for them since it's the first 18+ otome in English.
    Mentioning laptop problems reminded me, have I told you the story involving the same computer repair place and my hardcopy of NTY?
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    Gabmag10 (3 anos atrás) #12671440Laslow is such a ladies man xD He tells Camilla that even if he does anything with any other girls his heart still belongs to her LOL poor girl. Yeah I got mine around then too :D the kids are sooooo cuttttteeee i still have to finish birthright though...im so slow...i started playing ozmafia and its been holding me back xD
    yessss it finished a week or so ago and its was so heartbreaking :'( it has a good ending but i miss him <3 the pillow would have been like $60usd + post but someone was interested in trades so it was more affordable ^_^ she does bodypillows too so i'll probably get one made...i want to get loads of things with him on it made since there isn't anything official TAT
    woo! i still need to buy it but yess lets play! on the open beta weekend i played as widowmaker and had lots of fun but im generally pretty awful at shooters....its fun though!
    ohhhh koe no katachi is getting a movie right?? i cant wait to watch it! its something i wanted to read but never got around to! i cant wait ^_^
    this season has been great so far though omg so many good ones! i was a bit disappointed with the twist at the end of relife though :( also the ending to sakamoto made me so sad because www.reddit.com/... if you've watched the last episode read the top comment on that.... D:
    i cant wait for mob psycho and dangan ronpa 3 though!

    nice laslow... classic laslow... LOL IT'S OK birthright is great cause you can grind so there's less thinking involved but it's mot time consuming. what's ozmafia?? i saw an anime on it, is it fun?
    AAAAAAAA OH NO I HAVEN'T READ THE MANHWA YET OMFG i haven't read any manga in a long time now.. orz ahh that's so sad i cry when there's nothing official.. can i see what it looks like?
    widowmaker has been nerfed so she has no more one shot body kills and you have to aim for the head which is a bit difficult if you suck (MEEEE) have you gotten it yet? send me your battle.net id if so!!
    YES IM SO EXCITED last time i checked it was released in another.. 65 days or something.. such a long wait T___T
    i'm gonna binge watch relife but the mood for it hasn't kicked in yet ahHAJKSDHKJAS OH YEAH..... I READ THAT IT'S SO SAD.. ican't believe it omg i just want sakamoto to be an alien from space returning to his home planet not this
    i wanna watch dangan ronpa 3 but my friend told me there'd be spoilers if i didn't know about 2 first.. D: SO IM PLAYING THROUGH THAT RIGHT NOW!! also i played 999 it was pretty good i enjoyed it a lot and now i'm playing VLR on the vita ;w; also re:zero is a good anime i thought it'd be a harem anime but as it progresses it's gotten really great!
    ALSOOOO i haven't gotten the stuff you mailed to me.. D: i'm scared that it got lost in the mail somehow (thank u aus post JK)
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    Gabmag10 (3 anos atrás) #12671449Yeah there have been so many that have caught my eye! Still waiting on Mob Psycho and Dangan Ronpa 3 but everything else has been great :D
    I loved Boku no Hero Academia, I bought all the manga that have been published and was actually just reading them, really enjoyable series. Super pumped for season 2!
    Yeah I can't wait for WF, I totally agree with that though, I love seeing all kinds of prototypes! Oh yeah! There hasn't been any news in ages for Slow Damage, I'd love to get another teaser visual or something, I reeaaally want to see the style! Another game I've been playing is Ozmafia lately too, I'd love a figure from it. It's really nice and the art is great ^_^

    Oh Mob Psycho looks really interesting! Will definitely be checking that out ^^ Yes! Thank goodness for season 2. I cannot imagine that they'll leave it like that >.< Hoping to see more merch especially of Todoroki :D (I need a scale and a nendo) But I am most looking forward to Natsume Yuujinchou season 5. Gah I waited so long for it!
    Ah I have tons of manga that needed to be purchased. I kept putting it off until now it accumulated to a lot of volumes (my last volume of Noragami was vol.8 X'D) I'll probably buy all of them at the end of the year where I do not many POs. Ozmafia art looks very pleasing. And the mafia theme kinda reminded me of Arcana Famiglia (forgive my limited otome game knowledge X'D) Have you tried Lucky Dog?
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    hey ur inbox is full but im happy to talk out trading if u want to get back to me with what your willing to trade with!! thank you for ur time!!
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    Gabmag10 (3 anos atrás) #12253964I'm going to order it really soon ^_^ Super pumped for the Skyrim Remaster because I wanted to play again anyway, the new Civ looks like fun, and also the Gwent cardgame getting a standalone version ^_^
    Also Zelda! Loads of great announcements :D
    I'm also REALLY excited for the new season animes! There are about 23 I want to watch which is waaaay more than usual! What about you? Anything you're hyped for?

    That's great! :D *Gasp!* 23?! Are there so many new seasons that I'm not aware of? X'D The last anime I watched was Boku no Hero Academia ^^ Haven't got the time to catch up with the rest. Oh I'm definitely getting hyped for WF 2016 Summer~~ Can't wait for all the new releases and prototypes! Idk why but I really enjoy seeing new announcement of figures in general regardless of genre. It's just so exciting and fun ^^ But right now, I'm really hoping to see more announcement from N+C about their new game Slow Damage. It's about time for some news :D
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    Gabmag10 (3 anos atrás) #12253887At this rate we might have to :'( i just got back from two weeks at my parents house and its still awful, even worse probably. I've been playing wow like crazy trying to get to the gold cap but its just sooo bad sometimes.
    i visited you as well ^_^ im about to start birthright yay! also im SO week and ended up with niles LOL i couldnt resist when i got the option for s rank....i put laslow with camilla and i almost feel sorry for her now hahaha
    i've never had any trouble with any of the sellers on taobao really, and its all been pretty good quality so i wouldnt be sure D:
    i still need to buy the rest of the books so i'll let you know soon :DD also cherry boy, that girl only has one chapter left and im sooo sad TAT someone from America made me a cusotm pillowcase with wally on it though and im in love with it <3 <3 <3 im going to miss him :'(
    also you're gonna get overwatch :D ?? i think I'll buy it for pc really soon because my friends have been hassling me to play and it honestly looks soooo gooood
    im so excited for the new anime to start too :D there are like....23 shows i want to watch this season :'D

    i pray that your internet situation improves soon!! TAT
    ohh yay! now you can grind to your hearts content and take it easy HAHA what's wrong with the laslow camilla s rank?? i'm putting niles with camilla woo i was desperate and grinded castle battles in order to achieve supports LOL i'm probably gonna start s ranking on ch 20 YAY
    ahhh it's okay, my hair is actually growing to the length i wanted it to be so i think i don't need one anymore and my friend says she'll just do with what she has HAHA
    OHHH RIGHTTT i was meant to read that now that i was on break!! i'll probably get to it tonight ;w; also dang how much did that cost you? it's okay even if the manhwa's over you'll always have him next to you
    YES I BOUGHT OVERWATCH YAY i'm on PC too so when you get it maybe we could play together?? i'm still a big noob compared to my friends (they're like lvl 50+ omg) so yeah rip it's really fun!! though i feel like i suck a lot?? but i'm pretty okay at being a support (mercy) so i guess that's good.. i wanna try out widowmaker though but i'm afraid i'll be bad at sniping LOL
    AHHHHHHH IH AVEN'T EVEN FINISHED THIS SEASON... i need to catch up on a lot of stuff orz i haven't checked out the new season but i know the koe no katachi OVA is coming out and i'm super excited for that
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    I asked my sister and brother (in primary school and high school respectively) and apparently Yokai Watch is more popular at his high school, Skylanders and Pokemon are the bigger toy-driven games at the primary school.
    Haha, hipsters are getting younger and younger xD My littlest sisters are both 6, and we're starting to get them into anime with the Ghibli movies and some others. I was playing Neko Atsume with them in the background the other day and one of them asked if it was one of those "amime things" lol
    I like workplace comedies, so I've put Mosspaca on the to read list :D

    I'm using the hair down part right now, it's so cute combined with the grinning faceplate! Since I've got 4 Haikyuu ones now, the wide bases don't look so weird since I can put two on each.
    Manami and Makishima Nendos would be instabuys for me, and Onoda and Toudou would look great too, and Naruko's hair would be crazy. A classmate of mine picked up the Onoda figma from a con last year and accidentally broke it straight away. Oops.

    Oh no D: Did you have to put buckets there to catch rain and stuff? My aunt ended up with a broken window thanks to a falling tree, no one was hurt though. I was luckier, only my laptop got damaged by a power surge. It was iffy for two days and then didn't charge properly at all. I just got it back this afternoon, I'm so sorry I took forever to reply DX.
    What have you been up to since then? Have you been able to fix the hole yet?
    I'm on break now, so I'm just frantically trying to finish the last of Zestiria before the anime starts. What are you watching this season?
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    Gabmag10 (3 anos atrás) #11732252Did you enjoy E3 :D ? I really did! They showed like 12 or so minutes of Persona footage and it honestly looks so polished. I hope that Australia gets the game about the same time as America or I'll have to buy their copy :'(
    I'll pick it up then :D I'm still finishing Fire Emblem which I'm really enjoying as well!

    I was both excited and disappointed at the same time if it even makes any sense XD Excited for P5 definitely but a tad disappointed in FFXV and KHIII (where the heck is FFVII?) like I need more information and gameplay trailers and whatnot :3 I went ahead and PO'ed P5 US version. I had such a hard time deciding whether to get the JP 20th Anniversary Edition or the US Take Your Heart Edition! >A< But ultimately I decided to get the US one ^^ I wished they had dual language option though. Atlus mentioned that it may be a DLC but man, just include them in the game like Ni no Kuni >.< I'm excited for God of War and Yakuza too! How about you? :D
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    Gabmag10 (3 anos atrás) #11732217It definitely hasn't got any better TAT sometimes it stays and then sometimes it takes sooo long to load anything..
    i still havent found a caaaaase, i'll definitely get a custom made one online i think..im just not sure who to get on it D:
    my castle address is:06929-75507-80454-33453 and my friend code is: 2981-7544-4087
    oh wow i just cant choose who to pair up TAT i dont want to give any of the cute ones away.. OH being the male avatar and dating niles in the third route is PERFECT. i didnt even think of that, now i can be free to choose from xander and leo....urghhh....silas is also pretty cute....
    YAY! oh i watched all of iron bulls romance on youtube because i wasnt sure if i should date him or not xD he is hilarious though.
    yeah taobao is all in japanese but you can do searches in japanese and english and loads comes up ^_^ if you need any help ordering anything i'd be happy to do it for you :D!!
    im actually really enjoying it :D i only got the first five books though so i need to buy the rest since i feel like completing the set. its just a lot weirder than anything else im reading/watching so i think thats why im enjoying it.
    i FINALLY got the chance to head down to the post office so you should get your things soon :D !!
    E3 was great! lots of exciting releases, although i wish we could know when Persona 5 was coming here :( if its much later than the US I'll just buy their copy. Even February seems so far away TAT

    NOOOO well i hope you won't have to live with that internet for too long.. maybe you can change providers again??
    yeah me tooo i'm just using a case for a tablet right now LOL i think i'll get one after my exams are over YAY
    thanks!! i visited your castle as my conquest avatar today! you might be redirected to my birthright avatar though idk LOL i just started conquest and finished birthrights yayyy i can't wait to play more of conquest ;w; i'll add your friend code when i'm done playing ^^
    OMGG HAHA just choose one boy you super duper like then you can pair up the rest and replay later if you wanna pair with a different person ALSO YES now your choices are not as hard LOL maybe choose a conquest exclusive male because you can be with silas in all routes!
    HAVE I MADE THE RIGHT CHOICE? OMG it sucks cause qunari have such limited decisions ;__;
    okie dokie thanks!! i'm just in need of a short black wig and maybe a long black wig HAHA i just wanna know if there are any buyers you recommend from taobao or if they're all pretty trustworthy
    YAYY that's good i really liked it too! hope you read it to the end, the ending is sort of open ended?? like there's two ways you could view it i wanna know what you think :D
    OHHH I'M EXCITED THANK YOU SO MUCHHHHH AAAAAAAAAAAA i'll tell you when they arrive safely
    the special edition looks so good as well i really want it!! oh right we could buy the US ver and it'll be ok since there's no region lock on the ps4 HURRAY things that have caught my eye are horizon zero dawn, detroit: become human, ffxv and p5 but also that nier game looks pretty good.. oh right i think i'm gonna buy overwatch by the end of the week i'm super excited for it
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