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    It's been an awfully long while since we talked, but I hope you are fine and Happy Easter dear!! (*‘∀‘)
    9 meses atrás
    Memyandi (9 meses atrás) #19472363Ahaha, I see! IKR?? Sometimes it's so irritating to me that SO much of the Digimon/tri. stuff is missing, I mean, Digimon Adventure is pretty popular and tri. and its merch are still being announced and releasing like crazy, so you'd think there'd be some people that cared, and yet every day I see more items of long-dead franchises or ones I've never heard of being added to the DB. I've already made a list that I think covers about everything, but it's going to take me weeks seeing as it's 500+ items lol. Surely would have helped to have started with the first movie in 2015 so it wouldn't be this much at once now haha! :D

    Well if you need help, I wouldn't mind adding Yamatos stuff myself. I need at least one entry per type of item because I always get something wrong and mfc yells at me XD
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    Memyandi (9 meses atrás) #19456571Hi! :D Thank you so much for the FR! Usually I don't accept when I've never talked to the person before but I've seen you around the Digimon sections on here so often that I was actually super happy and excited to get one from you! \^-^/ I loooove your Yamato/Gabumon/etc. collection to death. I hope I can add more items to the DB soon because I'm sure you still have a lot more haha

    Oh, wow! I'm honored, thank you ^^ Someone in my Digimon skype chat posted a link to the can badges you uploaded and that's how I found you :D I really want to update Yamato's section here, it's missing a TON of stuff.

    Always glad to make a new friend, too! Thank you for accepting :D
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    I PM you with my serious-ness for Gasai-San I'm aware your in Germany but Ive been wanting that figure and searching for over 4 years, please understand willing to trade multiple figures *note my whole collection is not all on here, also got many anime merchandise besides figures even con exclusives if interested let me know -^^"

    I am in the USA, but have shippedal internationally before as far as Sweden though it wasn't fun
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    Memyandi (10 meses atrás) #18557501View spoilerHide spoilerHoly mother of-
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    It's been a great year+ !! <33
    Those are great thank you omg
    I'll give you three as an excuse for not having a good one prepared once again (even though I could have sworn I saved a fperfect one not too long ago on my PC but it's gone orz) so one is really old but a fav of mine and another I don't know if I already sent it to you or not and the third one is just there to make up for the other two being potential fuck-ups. You decide which one is which lol
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    View spoilerHide spoilerhttp://fs5.directupload.net/images/170226/z9aludpd.jpg
    View spoilerHide spoilerhttp://fs5.directupload.net/images/170226/agrrhy45.jpg
    Anyway I'm sorry I went straight to the memes lmao but I'm actually super happy to hear from you again! \o/
    I didn't even know what sight singing was until I just looked it up, gosh I'm ignorant lol. It does sound super difficult! I hope the audition was fine in the end? ;;;;; Btw don't tell me about tripping and dying when I'll have my first ballet stage perfomance this weekend HAHA /dies.
    Lmao same here, I'm not watching anything besides the new seasons of YowaPeda and Digimon. Also that may sound weird but I don't know if that'll even change back? I really couldn't care less for anime right now and idk why, I just suddenly started enoying it less and less. Fitting to that I also enjoyed the MFC community less due to some ugly and unnecessary arguments and users I can't stand and this is curretnly influencing itself, kinda like liking anime less -> less figures I'm interested in + mfc community being bad for me rn -> spend less time on mfc -> being less interested in anime because no figures grab my attention to watch their origins and I'm spending less time with japanese media in general. BUT who am i kidding I'm a huge fukin nerd so I shouldn't talk big right now hahaha
    So yeah, sadly I haven't seen any of the stuff you mentioned! And if I'm being completely honest nothing peaks my interest too, definitely not because of your writing style tho, quite the contrary it makes them a thousand times more appealing than their synopsis lol. I was interested in Youjo Senki for a sec but even though I don't watch anime rn there are still some finished ones left that I definitely want to see one day so I really don't feel like watching anything random.
    I'm on vacation from Uni so maybe I'll take a day to spend with the most ridiculous idol- and otome games I can find, I feel like I need that owo. But perhaps I'll need your recommendations ahaha

    Here's to another year. A toast!

    I see your 3 memes and raise you 4

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    Ready for another choir update lol I swear I have a new one every time
    Aaaaand also we're taking our annual New York trip next week. I won't be able to make a Kinokuniya haul post this time because I have zero money lol

    Yeah man I know the feeeeel
    I've been watching a whole lot less anime and reading less manga too. And my figure PO list has been dwindling lately, partially because I have no money anymore, and partially because there's just been nothing interesting to me lately. I think it might be happening due to some MFC user drama on my end too but it's probably mostly because I've just been spending every waking moment on mobage

    aaaaand im falling behind on anime this season again sssshhhh

    Did you just ask me for mobage recs
    My man you have no idea what you just started
    Also for some reason MFC didn't save all of this the first time I sent this comment so now I have to type it... all over.,, again.,.,.

    The one I'm most invested in is The IDOLM@STER Cinderella Girls: Starlight Stage (aka deresute). It's your average card-collecting rhythm idol game, but I think the thing that keeps me the most invested are the visuals. All the art is really nice and the whole game just has a nice polish and a nice look to it. Also they have these 3D animated MVs to play behind the rhythm game and it's seriously the best CGI anime I've ever seen. This is the only game I play with an all girls character cast lol the rest have all male casts

    Next is Ensemble Stars (aka enstars), which you might've heard of since it's really well-known in the weeb mobage community. It doesn't have any rhythm game elements; it's mainly a card collector and it's really heavily story-based. The story is good and there's a lot to read, but it's hard to get if you don't know Japanese, especially since nothing is fully-voiced

    A3! is another game with a similar concept and style to enstars, they're just actors instead of idols

    Band Yarouze! (banyaro) has rhythm elements, but it may be harder to get into because it doesn't have the same polish as other mobage. But the music is really good and there's something I find charming about its rough edges and small fanbase lol

    And I just started playing Yumeiro Cast (yumecast) really recently, so I can't say much about it, but I can say that the music and art is nice. It also has rhythm elements, and I think it may also have some otoge elements too?

    You may want to look all of these up to get a better feel for them because I suck ass at explaining these kinda things lolol

    Also there are some other games I'm looking forward to, but they're not out yet so I can't say anything about them lol

    And I don't play otoge too much anymore but you should totally check out My Horse Prince 10/10 really good game
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    Memyandi (1 ano atrás) #16701543View spoilerHide spoilerYou don't get any time
    No meme either
    I want 2 now
    WTACTUALF that sounds stressful as hell already but those 5 poor people are the living truth! o.o Happy to hear it all kinda worked out, more or less. I got high respect for you to manage such a stressful hobby >w<
    Ha Ha Haaaa I know those problems, you sound exactly like me right now lol. Hope you can catch with everything asap and gurl if I find the right help I'll be happy to send it to her after I'm all cleansed from all sin myself because right now GOD I need it myself.
    That does sound good! I thought the same about Gakuen Handsome and loved the idea, but it turned out to be way different. If Senpai Club is anything like my idea of Gakuen Handsome then I will definitely check it out.
    Well, I highly recommend continuing! My personal favorite season overall is the 2nd but tbh season 3-5 are just equally and consistently good imo. Like after the 2nd I can't even tell which episode was in which season and there are always worse and better episodes I guess but they all have the same warm yet melancholic feel to them and it's just great how they manage to keep that for 50+ episodes now.
    I had still forgotten about it in the last comment I wrote to you hahaha. I still haven't watched a single episode but I really hope I can somehow binge it in the 1-2 weeks between one saison's ending and the next' beginning, because since I haven't watched a finished anime in many months/a year maybe because of a lack of time I really don't know how else I'm gonna handle this haha!
    I've only seen the P4 anime yeah but I loved that to death, so feel free to talk about the franchise all you like! Daaamn it's been a while since I've put so much time in a game but it always amazes me when people do haha, and also your commitment to delete the savefile because of one mistake, I would probably have just cried and never touched the game again in my life haha.
    Yeah tbh that's the saddest part about it but we'll find a way

    im sorry memeyandi i let u down here have two random may-mays
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    kasjdhlksjhfs it's been so long since I replied sorry holy shit orz

    Another update on Stressful Choir Adventures™ lol
    Sooooo auditions for my school's auditioned choir should be coming up and holy crap I'm freaking out lol
    I've been practicing sight singing every goddamn day since sight singing is my kryptonite but I swear to god I'm still gonna trip and die during the audition aaahhh fukc

    Um about the Autumn season, I actually ended up putting everything on hold?? Ahaha...
    Pretty much every single anime on my list is on hold except for my list of Winter anime

    Speaking of, it's that time of the season again...

    Actually there's not much I'm watching this season?? I usually watch like 10-14 shows but I'm only watching 6 this season lol

    So the first one I watched was Youjo Senki, which is about... Um... It's a little hard to explain?? Like okay there's this old spirit or something that's reborn into the body of a little girl, and she's like super strong and decides to join the military in order to try and live an easy life working in the back. And I think there's also something to do with religion?? I'm not sure lol
    Tbh the story is kinda stupid but it's really exciting basically watching a 10-year-old little girl destroy everyone on a battlefield
    Also the animation is pretty good

    Next I watched Kuzu no Honkai, which is a super complicated love story and I've been told it fucks people up. I'll try and explain all of the love relationships here but it'll probably be confusing lol
    i dont remember their names So Girl A is dating Boy A but Girl A likes Teacher A and Boy A likes Teacher B. Teacher A and Teacher B like each other, so Girl A and Boy A are kinda "friends with benefits" where they try to live a relationship with each of their respective teacher crushes through each other
    But then Girl A has a friend who likes her and Boy A also likes a friend who likes him
    So yes pretty confusing
    The art is real nice
    Also it gets lewd sorta often

    Next is Little Witch Academia, which is a pretty simple story about a girl who was inspired by a magic performance she saw when she was little and wanted to become a witch ever since. So she enrolls into a witch school but she gets shunned by most other students because she wasn't born of witch blood and doesn't have a natural affinity to magic like everyone else
    It's basically an expansion of the movies, and it's still just as enjoyable! The story is simple, but it just feels like a Disney movie. Lots of fun, and the animation is gorgeous too

    Then I just watched additional seasons of stuff, namely Ao no Exorcist S2, Shouwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu S2, and YowaPeda S3, and I never have much to say about additional seasons, so I guess that's it for this season lol

    I dropped a few anime early, which were Masamune-kun no Revenge, Fuuka, and ACCA
    I'm really interested in ACCA, but I just have no idea what's going on, so I'm probably going to binge it when it's done airing. Tbh one of the only things making me stay is the fact that the music is absolutely amazing. One of my favorite OSTs this season, right next to Rakugo S2

    Other than all of that noise, I've started playing yet anotherrrr idol game and the three idol games are slowly taking over my life
    Not to mention there's this Chinese game called Onmyoji that's scheduled for a Japanese release soon and it looks so good I need to start playing it lol

    Holy shit wait this is like my 4th or 5th seasonal roundup does that mean it's been a year since we started talking to each other woah
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    naja freu dich schonmal auf 18 oder war das 19te ? ah egal da ist doch die nächste WF von GSC und da ist auch Mrgahouse vertreten und zeigt bestimmt die Figuren bemalt und vieleicht auch ein neuer Prototyp *__*
    ja die Meinungen zu Savers war ja recht gespaltet :/ ich fands toll, viele haben sich aufgeregt weil der Markus ja auch ein Agumon hatte, was aber viele vergessen haben ist anscheinend dass die Digimons aus Daten bestehen und von Agumon mehr als nur einen gibt, aber naja hahaha
    Ich wohne gleich in der Nähe der größten Kino Deutschlands Cinecitta ^^ vieleicht gehe ich auch noch dahin mal schauen :)
    Ich habe mir die DVD Boxen nicht gekauft, weil ich mir irgendwie sogar sicher bin dass sie eine Blu-Ray realease machen genauso wie sie bei Naruto auch gemacht haben :)
    Die Bluray Boxen in Japan zu staffel ein und zwei sind ja seeeeehr teuer, dennoch finde ich das design soo schön deshalb bin ich am überlegen ob ich sie mir zulegen soll, oder am meisten das box mit allen movies, das wäre auch toll *__*

    Memyandi (1 ano atrás) #17728877Oooh ich hoffe du hast das nicht falsch verstanden, ich mag 02 auch lieber als Tamers, haha! Frontier und Savers ebenfalls. Dachte aber eigentlih, Tamers wäre nach Adventure die beliebteste Staffel weltweit, aber das gibt einem ja Hoffnung, haha! :D
    Savers hatte mich auch echt überrascht, da ich es ja erst vor ein paar Jahren anstatt in meiner Kindheit zum ersten Mal geschaut habe und dachte dadurch wird mir die Staffel direkt viel weniger gefallen, plus ich hatte überall negative Meinungen gehört, aber tatsächlich war sie die letzte Staffel weitgehend ohne Filler, einer gut überlegten Story und viel Charakter Development. Sie wird vermutlich grade deshalb einen besonderen Platz in meinem Herzen behalten, weil sie mich so positiv überrascht hat! :D
    Haaach, so aufregend... wann ist denn endlich wieder Mai/Megahobby Expo. xD
    Woah das ist echte Hingabe für eine Reihe! Richtig klasse! owo
    OMG Andromon jaaaaaa daran hab ich noch gar nicht gedacht! Das wäre hammer! *q*
    Ah verstehe. :) Für mich gibt es nichts schöneres als die riesige Leinwand und die Musik aus den Boxen um mich herum, deshalb werde ich alle Hebel in Bewegung setzen um dahin zu kommen hahaha. Lebe aber zum Glück in der Nähe von einigen großen Städten weshalb ich eigentlich kaum Probleme haben dürfte xD Nur sich mit einigen Internet-Freunden zu verabreden und dafür durch ganz Deutschland zu gurken, das erweist sich mal wieder als schwieriger als gedacht lmao.
    Die tri. BDs werde ich mir auch alle holen; bei den Staffeln hab ich bisher alle DVDs und würde mich daher über ein BD release eher ärgern hahaha! Wahrscheinlich würde ich dann eher die japanischen Boxen kaufen, die ja kaum teurer sind als die deutschen DVDs, und hätte da noch Abwechslung was den Dub angeht. Aber KSM kann sehr gern noch die nächsten Staffeln raus bringen!! *v* <3
    1 ano atrás
    ah du hälst mich doch nicht auf, ich unterhalte mich sehr gerne ;)

    Also in Japan ist so, dass 02 wirklich viel beliebter als Tamers ist und auch viel mehr Merchandise hat, nicht desto trozt mag ich 02 sehr und allgemein sogar von Freunden höre ich ständig dass viele die zweite Staffel am tollsten finden, ich meine im Endefekt ist das eine reine Geschmacksache ^^
    ich LIEBE alle fünf gleich, habe keine favoriten ^^
    ahh an Savers habe ich so gemocht dass die Charas alle älter waren und erwachsener das hat das ganze noch toller gewirkt *__*

    und glaub mir es werden noch mehr große Digimon Figuren rauskommen, es hat nichts mit beliebtheit zu tun oder nicht ... unter meine Freundschaftskreis lieben die meisten Tentomon bzw Kabuterimon mehr als die restlichen Digimons. Ist nach wie vor eine Geschmacksache und Megahouse ist ja auch bekannt durch die One Piece P.O.P Reihe, die ich ebenso gerne sammle, dass sie auch etwas ''unbeliebte'' Charas als Figur rausbringen und manche von denen sind ja zweimal so riesig wie Greymon und trozdem werden mehr davon produziert, weil im Endefekt ist es denen ja egal ob die Leute Platz haben oder nicht, weil es ja immer noch große Fans auf der ganzen Welt gibt wie dich und mich die sich ebenso alle Figuren holen, egal wie viel Platz sie einem wegnehmen ^^
    Ich kann sofort Platz machen, genauso wie ich für meine 120 Figuren aus P.O.P Reihe, Platz gemacht hab, so würde ich für meine Digimons auch machen hahaha xD

    Mehr Villans ist auch nicht schlecht, Piedmon fand ich auch coll, aaaber ich würde mich noch mehr über ein Ogremon und Andromon freuen *__*

    Und wegen TRI weiß ich noch nicht ob ich sie mir im Kino nochmal anschauen werde, ich habe sie ja bereits schon jeweils zweimal alle drei teile angeschaut, deshalb warte ich lieber auf die Steelbook Editionen und hoffe nach wie vor dass KSM auch eine BLU-RAY Edition rausbringt zu den ersten und zweiten Staffel *__*
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    Memyandi (1 ano atrás) #17026645View spoilerHide spoilerAw shucks, thanks! I know I change my profile way too often haha. To be honest I just think it's a lot of fun! I don't have many other websites that allow profile customization except for tumblr and the lists (not actual profile) of MyAnimeList, but somehow I think the total freedom of design and limitless possibilities make them less fun...? I don't know, I know I'm not creative or good with HTML codes so maybe that is why I'm annoyed super fast when working on those accounts and prefer to do it here haha.
    Oh really? That is actually interesting and funny xD
    Aaah, well, yes, I don't like to play on PC as much as on consoles, but more importantly, I just know that I won't play any games on PC for many reasons - not liking it as much but also my PC being unable to run most of them and also lack of time because I'm rarely home. My Uni is a 5 hours train ride away everyday plus the time of the actual classes lol and when I'm home, I try to not only game but also watch anime/other TV shows and have a social life and theoretically also study but I definitely never do that lol. So really it's be best thing I can do to just endure the lag so I can play in the train or class sometimes, it WILL be faster this way I'm sure, even if it'll still take ages. Speaking of which, I'm still on the first case LMAO; I must be playing in 10-minute-steps thanks to the lag and interruptions when someone wants to see my train ticket, I have to change the train, or exit the emulator to check my messages. But even now I kinda already feel like it's faster paced and better written than SoJ lmao, but I'll see!
    I'm in the Final Trial Part 1 btw, currently in Rayfa's séance, not that it has anything to do with the topic at hand but I thought I'd keep you up-to-date www
    YES, I definitely HAVE noticed and I don't like it either. Remember the good old times in the first game where the saddest and most horrible thing that could happen was that your childhood friend that inspired you to be a lawyer might be put into jail, and the prosecutor was mean because he was going against his foster son? Welcome to SoJ final case where literally everyone is going to DIE if you fail to protect your foster father who is also going to DIE and he's your foster father because he's partially why your real father DIED and the prosecutor is changing the law in the get-go and holds the real queen hostage and manipulates her children (and is also probably the real culprit but so was Manfred). Honestly the Defense Culpability Act was lame already in the first case because if Phoenix does it for a boy he's never met before then of course he and Apollo would do it for Maya/Dhurke respectively, but they still needed to push it in and make you lose your office in The Magical Turnabout to have something "as bad", even though you were already protecting someone close to you in that case, which, as I said, itself was the CLIMAX of the whole first game. Now it's just one subplot in a random case. This is also why I enjoyed Turnabout Storyteller so much, because there, finally again, the worst thing that could happen was for an innocent man to go to jail, which IS the whole point of a lawyer to prevent so really it's exciting and thrilling enough if written well?? A little extra drama is fine for the climax but wow, not like this. Though that's a complain I had with DD as well to be honest, but SoJ takes it a step higher lol.
    I didn't mind the humor/light moments that much, because to be honest, the drama in this game is bad, and even worse written, so if they had tried anymore to make it into a sob story, I would have enjoyed it even less because I just can't be sad or emotional about most of the story.
    Some random things:
    - Dhurke is my husband in 10 years and I love him and I don't want him to die oh god please no let this pure cinnamon soul live don't take him away from me nooo
    - I finally hate Maya with a passion again haha*
    - I hate Ga'ran 's design, why must she show boobs to be intimidating, but I actually like her as a prosecutor, I def think she re-writing the law is ridiculous and over-the-top but still kinda funny. She's also an example for SoJ's ridiculously bad writing though; why has noone mentioned before the trial that she was a prosecutor? Dhurke could have mentioned it easily and logically so many times. Now we learn about her one second before we get started and Phoenix and Apollo are just like wah oh ok i guess.
    * why I do that:
    - ruining the 3rd case's ending like I've said before
    - getting?? captured?? held hostage?? for Phoenix to have to defend a guilty client,,,, AGAIN???????? I had to STOP playing at this part and shit about her to a friend before I could continue. Damn she's dumb, useless, and the reason everything is shit ever. I hate her so much oh my actual God.
    - Atishon (I hate these puns) kidnapping her also made no sense because I literally lol'd when they said he couldn't use Pearl because she's "too reasonable" and also "wouldn't help after what he did to her cousin". Yeah but... Maya would? Idk if the medium apparently has a choice here then it doesn't make sense to abduct EITHER of them. Maya's kidnapping is a plothole and that's really everything the final trial revolves (bc it's why Dhurke was caught with the corpse etc)? Or just maybe Maya would help him because SHE'S SHIT.
    - it's Dhurke who she fucked over. That is especially bad.
    Anyway btt ww
    I actually felt like they created Khur'ain to focus on Maya's comeback, then tried to create a bigger story with it AND put it a lot of other stuff to balance it out, so that there was rarely any time left for her. I'm not complaing about that anymore though lol
    Yes, thank you for understanding my rambling haha! I actually wanted to use the term "what the fans wanted" as well but tried to avoid it because I thought well to do what the fans want isn't a bad thing, and went with "what fans would write" instead, but I definitely meant it the way you interpreted it.
    Yes I loved it for the very same reasons, except the Simon & Athena being favorite characters part because honestly they're not even among my favorites but I think that makes me liking Turnabout Storyteller this much even more interesting! And yeah I felt like Athena was stronger than the other lawyers so far, yes she needed support but if I remember correctly, much later/at way worse situations than the boys lol, plus she's younger and inexperienced, and Nahyuta was disrespecting her (ofc he insulted all the lawyers but with Phoenix and Apollo it was obvious he still respected them as lawyers or person he cares about, whereas with Athena it was the climax of their interactions for him to remember her name).
    I'd buy that game
    Yay you do that! <3
    Yeah, it's one reason why I'm happy to be playing the Investigations games at this time haha! I hadn't even noticed Ema was taking Gumshoe's spot in AA 4 and 6 before I read that in a tumblr post, because she's so different, but I love her in her own way, but I want Gumshoe back, but I don't Ema to go in that case! ;; They could totally team up so that Gumshoe is another reason for her frustration though, it fits perfectly! And Ga'ran has actually helped me and my thirst for a new female prosecutor but at the same time she's making me realize how much I loved Franziska. ><"
    Here ya go picture/1659652... ww (though it's not all, my stationary items and GKs are missing)
    Aw well you don't NEED to play anything, just do whatever you want lol, I just thought you might like them but I don't want to pressure you, I'm sorry if I've made you feel like that, it wasn't what I intended ><"
    OH I forgot: MERRY CHRISTMAS! And probably Happy New Year already too, haha! Hope you have some nice holidays! ^-^
    Oh wow, here we finally go. I feel a bit ashamed of myself for being so late hah :s

    I think for me MFC is the only site I'm on where you can customize your profile this way, and even then I don't do it often because I'm shit at coming up with a good and creative design. I guess once every few months or so is enough for me when I get tired of the old one, haha. :p

    Oh wow... 5 hour train ride? Is that even humanly possible? Yeah, I can definitely see why you don't like to play on PC now, it sounds like a huge inconvenience in general >_> If I was in the same position I would probably just endure the lag too. Especially if it's to play AAI2, since it's of the highest quality. Have you got any further into the game since? :>

    Remember Rise from the ashes? In my opinion that case still has both the best and absolutely scariest villain in the entire franchise. It got to me so much that I was really nervous every time I met him, and when I finally took him down I was so relieved and satisfied for the sake of all these characters involved in his "evil schemes". And this guy was the local goddamn chief of police. It's not like he ruled a country or something.

    A game's writing doesn't get any better if you try to go higher every time, in fact in many instances less is more. And this is probably my biggest disappointment with Spirit of Justice, because you really don't need to suddenly make Apollo the son of former royalty who grew up in another country we've never heard of before and then make him take down Mrs. Evil Disney Queen who's so evil for the sake of being evil in order to save a whole country while being at the risk of dying at all times. This game is just bad fanfiction, and one admittedly good twist in the final case doesn't really change that. I miss the good old days where you were a lawyer doing lawyer things, and the scariest thing was the local chief of police who ruined the lives of two women you've never met before.

    If I'm going to be completely honest I feel the same about Dual Destinies too, but I also feel that it didn't end up that being that bad in the end, and in that game I actually gave a shit about the involved characters where in SoJ I just couldn't care less. It would probably have been easier if I liked these new characters, but their sob stories felt so forced that I mostly just rolled my eyes. Except for Armie of course, my princess

    Uh, rant over?

    But now I'm curious if you've changed your opinion on how sad the story made you, considering what happens to Dhurke and all.
    I know I'm going to be chased with a pitchfork for this but... Dhurke isn't that great of a character. I find it hard to like characters who are nothing but complete tools to make you feel emotional about the story. That's the reason they made him likeable while not giving him many flaws to his character... buuuut each to their own.

    And there we go back to shitting on Maya again. What did she ever do to you? ;_; But I agree with your reasons regardless.
    The first part of the final case was a bit off, I was really disappointed that they tried to copy 2-4 in such a shitty and out of character way. Why would Phoenix take things on alone again when the point of the end of Justice for All was the complete opposite?
    I guess it only exists for 1. Warming people up to Dhurke before murdering him and 2. Bringing Kurain back for fanservice. At least we got the best SoJ character (Armie <3333) from it.

    We really need a female prosecutor though, I don't understand why the prosecutors office has to be such a sausage fest. A real one, not the bad evil queen one. And then we'll have her go up against Athena as the defense attorney and Trucy as the assistant, while Ema is the detective forensics expert. Did I really say that too much fanservice is bad?

    That's a really nice collection! :> I especially like the tote bag and the plushes.

    I don't really feel pressured to do anything, you don't have to worry about making me feel that way at all! I just got a reminder that I really liked playing these games a long time ago and thought it would be fun to check out some more now that you mentioned it ^^ Sadly I didn't have time to actually get around to play one though, but when I do I'll keep you updated! :p
    1 ano atrás
    Ah quatsch, ist doch kein Problem, hab selber zurzeit kaum Zeit, deshalb kann ich es verstehen ;)

    ich mag Miyaoko und Iori sehr, vorallem Miyaoko ich fand sie immer so lustig ^^ ich denke schon dass die zwei auch noch rauskommen werden, bin mir sehr sicher.
    Megahouse bringt immer sehr gerne die Figuren bissl durcheinander auf dem Markt und nicht direkt einen nach dem anderen ^^
    Das 02 wenige Figuren bis jetzt gekriegt hat, wundert mich irgendwo auch, denn die Serie ist ja sogar beliebter als Tamers gewesen, aber naja mal abwarten, da kommen bestimmt noch mehr.
    Bei Tamers kommt Henry mit Terriermon 100% noch raus, denn die zwei waren ja schon damals sehr beliebt bei den Fans. Vorallem nachdem von Tamers auch noch die Juri/Jen mit Leomon rauskommt hoffe ich dass dann auch noch RYO mit MONODRAMON, KENTA mit MARINEANGEMON, HIROKAZU mit GUARDROMON und zu guter letzt auch die Schwester von Hernry, die SUZIE mit LOPMON rauskommen, das wäre ein Traum *__*

    Ich würde mich auch riesig freuen über Figuren aus Frontier und auch Savers, ich fand allgemein alle 5 Staffel so toll, die sechste und siebte habe ich noch nicht angeschaut :)
    Wenn die Figuren von Frontier rausbringen hat man trozdem andere möglichkeiten wie man die Figuren in Szene setzt. Ich denke auch das Frontier vorallem in Japan schon einen kleinen Erfolg hatte, denn schließlich gabs ja auch viele Figuren davon und vorallem auch sehr viele verschiedene Formen von der Digivices usw..
    Und wegen Birdramon, Kabuterimon und Ikkakumon würde ich mir jetzt nicht mehr all zu große Sorgen machen, denn jetzt wo Greymon rauskommt und er so ziemlich groß ist, vorallem der ist fast dreimal so groß wie Garurumon wenn du auf das Bild vom Expo schaust. Er ist schon unglaublich riesig und ich meine die anderen sind jetzt auch nicht wirklich riesiger als Greymon, sind fast alle gleich groß, deshalb habe ich da noch meine Hoffnungen :)
    Ich weiß noch wie ich mir Ladydevimon gewünscht hab und joa etz kommt die auch raus haha, ich hab den Kampf zwischen ihr und Angewomon soo gemocht xD

    uuuuuund was toll wäre die Digiritter nochmal in der TRI Ver. + MEIKO und MEICOOMON *__*

    Memyandi (1 ano atrás) #17675557Uuggh sorry für die verspätete Antwort! Bewege mich in großen Schritten Richtung Klausurenphase und hab alle Hände voll zu tun :xx ich hoffe du dachtest nicht dass ich dir nicht antworten wollte orz
    Aaah ja, zwar gefallen mir Miyaoko/Yolei und Iori/Cody vom Design her nicht so, aber ich bin schon ein bisschen sauer darüber wie 02 ignoriert wird ><"... ich meine, wir haben jetzt schon eine Figur mehr von Tamers als von 02, und dabei geht alles andere was anniversary merchandise angeht schön brav der Reihe nach :D Deshalb hoffe ich auch dass wir bald zumindest ein komplettes Set von den 02 Kindern haben. Bei Tamers, muss ich sagen, stört und nervt es mich ein bisschen dass sie Henry/Jianliang noch nicht raus bringen - man kauft und kauft eine Figur nach der anderen, aber das Set sieht immer unvollständig aus, weil nun mal ein Hauptcharakter fehlt :x Finde, da hätten sie besser mit Juri oder Gallantmon/Dukemon warten können. Aber an sich ist es ja schon Luxus dass ich mich überhaupt darüber beschweren kann, weil ich froh sein sollte dass überhaupt noch so viele Figuren kommen xD Das bin ich auch, es ist die Haupt-Reihe meiner Sammlung sozusagen, ich hasse nur unvollständige Sets xD Wie auch jetzt das zweite Set der Adventure Kinder mit digitierten Digimon...
    Pegasmon und Nefertimon wären bombastisch *q* Das könnte auch einer meiner größten Träume für diese Figuren-Reihe sein! Genau wie ein komplettes zweites Set von den Adventure Kindern... und irgendwelchen Frontier Figuren, was meine Lieblingsstaffel nach Adventure ist, aber ich hab für alles drei sehr wenig Hoffnung aufgrund wenig Popularität oder Schwierigkeit bei der Umsetzung (Birdramon/Kabuterimon/Ikkakumon sind alle riesig, und bei Frontier kann man ja schlecht Kind und Digimon gleichzeitig darstellen, und sie sind alle wie gesagt nicht mal sehr beliebte Charaktere... ;;). Aber die Hoffnung stirbt zuletzt! ;w; ^-^
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