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    Ose_93 (6 meses atrás) #25220582Right? I was sooo happy when I saw her. I never would have imagined Slayer's nendoroids! I can only hope they sell well so we get all the main cast. ;;

    Can you imagine how cute a Zelgadis nendo would be?! But yes, they seriously need to do the 4 mains, but I would not mind an extra Xellos tossed in either. (Aren't pipe dreams nice? XD)

    On the Detective Conan side I'm hoping for a Ran or Ai, but dangnabbit they did the freaking 'Culprit' before them so my hopes are not high. :/
    6 meses atrás
    Ose_93 (6 meses atrás) #25150926Thank you for the friends request! Nice to see another Detective Conan and Slayers fan.
    My favorites are Zelgadis and Lina, too! And Jupiter is my favorite sailor scout. ^^

    And it's a good year to be a Slayers & Detective Conan fan what with the new nendoroids! I must admit seeing Lina's was the highlight of this WonFes for me!
    6 meses atrás
    MasterSora Orichalcum
    Ose_93 (6 meses atrás) #25150875Thank you for the friends request, I like survival horror games as well. ^^

    I can't get enough of it, even though I'm always scared to death. xD
    6 meses atrás
    Ose_93 (6 meses atrás) #25163916Thank you for the friend request! I like your user pic, is it a crossover of Durarara and something else?
    No Problem I really like your collection :)
    It is a crossover off Durarara!! and Mekakucity Actors/Kagerou Project it's a really good anime that I recommend checking out! Though it has some pacing problems it has an amazing story!
    6 meses atrás
    nbd! I love your collection! and your hoodie!Ose_93 (7 meses atrás) #24947600Thank you for the friend request. ^^
    7 meses atrás
    Ose_93 (8 meses atrás) #23866172I hope you have a Happy Birthday!
    thank you so much!
    8 meses atrás
    Thanks for the friend request Ose! You're awesome!!!

    I also notice you do the Instagram thing a lot, it's super new to me! I am mostly a PC user and having a lot of trouble with it. Most of the stuff I want to put up is on my PC and transferring back and forth to the phone is really confusing...

    I googled a way to do it through PC and found an App, Gramblr. Unfortunately after using it, it doesn't seem too legit. There was a button I pressed that basically instantly had 75 people like my post. Ever since I saw that, I got out of there and went back to my old ways.

    Any ideas on a good way to do this through PC?!
    8 meses atrás
    Ose_93 (9 meses atrás) #22408952Aw, thank you so much. ♥
    Yes, they are just the cutest thing! My favorite character in Princess Tutu was Fakir, he's just too darn adorable when it comes to Ahiru. I really wish he had some figures. D:

    I completely agree, he goes through such a natural, heartwarming character change where Ahiru is concerned. Their dance in episode 25 made my heart burst. When there were hints at the beginning that the two of them could grow to like one another, I thought it was too good to be true, that she would definitely end up with Mytho or a tragic ending when all was said and done. But the latter half of anime delivered so much more than I expected ;_;

    I wish he had some figures too, he deserves at least a prize figure or something. I was considering modifying this Makishima kit into Fakir to go with my Princess Tutu kit: bit.ly/2tuhZmg

    I never would've thought that those two characters would look similar :p but I think with some alterations to his pants, shirt, and hair that I can turn him into Fakir in the all white outfit he wears in the final episodes. I might also sculpt the duck version of Ahiru to go on his shoulder.

    Hopefully it works out, but it's going to take a lot of patience ^^;
    9 meses atrás
    Ose_93 (9 meses atrás) #22403773Thanks for the friends request! I love your user pic, it's so pretty~

    Thanks for accepting, I love your youtube videos! :) And so nice to see you're a fan of Ahiru and Fakir, I love them so much ;_;
    9 meses atrás
    Ose_93 (10 meses atrás) #21348026Thanks for the friend request!
    Another romance manga fan <3
    I think the I Love You Baby manga seems very cute so far!
    (And, haha, I want that Victor plush now so I can squish his cheeks too!)

    Thank-you for accepting~ I really enjoy watching your Youtube videos! :)
    Love meeting another romance manga fan too. And yeah, the manga was so cute that I had to buy it :D
    Victor's plush cushion is really soft!!! I totally recommend it. xD
    10 meses atrás
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