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  • I ordered 4 Vocaloid SEGA figures from them and each one came well packaged and safely to their new home. They responded quickly and gave tips about buying in the future. Thank you so much!
    3 meses atrás
    hi! i'm extremely new to this site so im not sure if you'll see this but, i know you posted a review for the ib colorfull collection figure set awhile back and i was wondering if you still had the figures? if so, and if you're willing to sell them, i'd really love to buy them off of you!
    8 meses atrás
    I'm 100 years too late, but:

    10 meses atrás
    akamekurisu11 meses atrás#65581125It's a day later, but happy birthday to you

    Don't worry, it just turned the 18th where I am, so it's on time. Thank you so much, akamekurisu!
    11 meses atrás
    It's a day later, but happy birthday to you
    11 meses atrás
    ChocolateSpider11 meses atrás#65546727Happy birthday, friend! :D

    Oh, thank you so mucvh! ^^
    11 meses atrás
    Happy birthday, friend! :D
    11 meses atrás
    Great seller, fast response and quick shipment! Thanks for the Nao figure :)
    1 ano atrás
    MetalSamamon2 anos atrás#38898558Thank you so much Maakie! ^___^

    No problem! I hope you had a great day with lots of cake! :D
    2 anos atrás
    Maakie2 anos atrás#38891158IMG

    Thank you so much Maakie! ^___^
    2 anos atrás
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