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    VongolaTsuna (6 anos atrás) #1042126yup i have a bootleg items of reborns haha like the rings, tsuna's vongola gloves, hibari's armband and some other stuff XD

    i tried to cosplay tsuna once though it was only a trial haha im thinking of cosplaying him again but with the vongola gear vongola gloves :)

    This kind of bootleg is nice, and they're kinda expensive too (at least here they are)

    You tried to cosplay Tsuna? That's nice! Why don't you try to make an adult Mammon cosplay too? I bet you'd be a great Mammon ^^

    And I found a cheap pacifiers set on YAJ: page5.auctions.... This one is good because the seller is from Tokyo, so the shipping to the proxy is cheaper too.
    6 anos atrás
    VongolaTsuna (6 anos atrás) #1025657haha so its the same there also
    the store that sells bootleg here is called comic alley imagine they are selling some figs, nendo's and not even saying its bootleg

    haha though bootlegs some items are kind of unresistable to buy haha
    i bought the vongola box with the ring the storm box was the one i bought :)

    Here we have a japanese stores district where they sell a lot of stuff, figures included. But a lot of stores sell bootlegs and things are expensive.

    Yeah, some bootlegs are interesting, I saw one version of Hibari's Bracelet of the Clouds that was really nice. They should have made official versions of the upgraded weapons, they would be great. Better than the animal box rings, I have one, but it's not so pretty...

    Have you ever cosplayed any Reborn character?
    6 anos atrás
    VongolaTsuna (6 anos atrás) #1019967anyways thanks again for the link i'll try if i can have somebody help me to buy them for me because i dont know much about yahoo japan auctions

    hehe there is also a vongola box that is for sale in our country the one that includes the vongola rings inside them :)

    You can use a proxy service to order on YAJ. I use Shopping Mall Japan because they have a good storage service, but other proxies may have cheaper fees.

    I've seen the Vongola Box with the ring for sale here too, but since the ring wasn't original I didn't buy it. They sell a lot of bootlegs on figures stores here (and things are expensive), so we have to be careful.
    6 anos atrás
    VongolaTsuna (6 anos atrás) #1016700waaa lucky you the pacifier gashapons wasnt release here in our country that why its sad for me
    -__- oh yeah thank you for the links haha maybe i'll buy the cheap one instead the other one is way expensive i can already buy 2 s.h.f with that money
    about the vongola boxes i forgot to add them in my list i have 5 of them the ones i dont have is lambo's box and gokudera's box this is the ones i have though it's only a pic :)

    I ordered some from an online store and some I've bought from a local seller. They weren't released here too, but some guys import and resell

    Yeah, the first link is really expensive... Once I saw the complete set, even the secret included, for 1200 yen, so maybe you're luck and find it cheaper.

    Lucky you! The one I wanted the most was Yamamoto's box, but Hibari's is cute too. It's a pity right now I can't try buy them, already have some preorders for the next months...
    6 anos atrás
    VongolaTsuna (6 anos atrás) #1014333hehe thank you for the compliment :)

    the ones im looking for is the arcobaleno gashapon pacifiers -_- i cant seem to find one that is set huhuhu im a big fan of katekyo hitman reborn :)

    Hmm, these really are a bit hard to find now... I still don't have some of them, but since I could get Lal's and Colonello's I'm glad ^^

    This seller on YAJ have the whole set, but it's a bit expensive:


    And this one have some of them, and it's a bit cheaper, you can try to buy the missing ones separately. The missing pacifiers on the order bellow are the easier to find:


    You could try on Live Journal too, sometimes you see people selling nice things there ^^ I wanna buy the Vongola Boxes, maybe someday I can get them...
    6 anos atrás
    Congratulations! It's such a nice cosplay and a nice pic too ^^

    Really? Which items you can't find anymore? Maybe I can try to help you...


    VongolaTsuna (6 anos atrás) #1013299thank you also for accepting my request i envy you ahaha you have the items i want to but but cant find anymore huhuhu
    yup thats me :)
    6 anos atrás

    Thank you for the FR! Nice pic on your avatar, is it you? If it is, nice cosplay!
    6 anos atrás
    WindsorSeven SHSL Vegone
    Is your avatar you?
    6 anos atrás
    Hi! ^^ Thanks for the FR! :)
    6 anos atrás
    Welcome to the board!
    7 anos atrás
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