• Rikoei5 meses atrás#77444319really? I ordered the rem 1/1 scale bust and I had to pay the whole deposit and then they asked if I could pay the whole thing in 2 months and it released in January 2020...I declined and got a full refund on my $1,000 interesting, I tried to cancel an order because I heard their packing is terrible but I never get a reply and they shipped it anyway, my figure came in good but It was a situation that I didn't like
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    joxn006 meses atrás#76088893they unfortunately don't give out refunds, what a shamereally? I ordered the rem 1/1 scale bust and I had to pay the whole deposit and then they asked if I could pay the whole thing in 2 months and it released in January 2020...I declined and got a full refund on my $1,000
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    they unfortunately don't give out refunds, what a shame
    6 meses atrás
    Recently used AnimeNPC, the item was shipped incredibly quickly and was packaged well. The one fault is the customer service, they never respond to emails nor the online chat, it is one of the worst and near slowest respond time, if they respond at all, I have ever dealt with. I may or may not be giving them my business again, if I run out of options, ill go back, but for now, id suggest stay away.
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    To whom it may concern,

    First of all I'd like to apologize to all who did not find our service satisfying, no matter in terms of customer service, or logistics reasons.

    We used to have a system that helps us in removing items that are no longer available for pre-order from our site.
    Yet, the system is failing and we are currently fixing it and meanwhile removing pre-order items that are unavailable for pre-order by hand.

    We are a rather small company and we tried our best in responding customers promptly.
    We will try to respond to all customer timely by engaging more labour.

    It has been a rough year for us as a small local company based in Hong Kong, due to political reasons and the on-going coronavirus situation that is damaging our company economically.

    No matter what, we will try our best to fulfill customer's needs and strive to overcome these obstacles.

    Thank you for all the love and support.

    Best regards,
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    The only time I've preordered something from them, it was delayed for 2 months. Emailed them about it, they made a shipping label, but it is still not shipped, not even until now. The label was created on September. They never replied to my inquiries again.
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    do NOT purchase from AnimeNPC.

    They are a scam.

    Never do they respond to their chat feature or emails. The tracking number they sent me says HongKong Post has returned to sender because of incorrect sender address. I checked my account and my address is correct, USPS states that AnimeNPC had never wrote the correct the address on the label so they sent it back to them. Not even my fault or USPS fault. AnimeNPC doesn’t care about customer service. They even charged me twice for shipping.. when they had shipped both items in one box. Why would charge me twice for shipping? You never shipped the two items separately. You shipped them together. I should’ve been charged only ONE time for shipping. Out of everything that’s happen. They responded only once during both problems. Stating “sorry for the confusion”. That was it. No refund, no explanation on why I was charged twice for shipping and no explanation why they put the wrong address. Now the item is going back to them and I have no money.
    8 meses atrás
    ordered something not less then 10 mins they refund my payment saying its out of stock yet they dont change that on there website
    8 meses atrás
    I managed to get all 3 of my orders from them. Everything went good, the only issue is their response time. Sometimes they respond the next day and sometimes they respond 2 weeks later with multiple messages sent... eh.
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    So, i have some bad experience with this shop.
    I have pre ordered Sakurajima Mai (aniplex ver.) on december 2018, pay a part of summ for deposit. Then in June i was pay the rest of summ via paypal invoice. After that - silence. No order status changes. No reply in chat, email or website contact form. They have my ~160USD, and do nothing.

    So, little update. A month after my comment they shipped figure to me, got it today.
    Good packing, no damage.

    My advice: Order at your own risk. I'm done with this shop.
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