• redshoot4 anos atrás#13174328\(^o^)/ Thanks ! <3
    Love your collection ! so much Amiibos ! *^*

    Thank yooou. Yeah I need to list some more stuff. I cant find somethings i have. From Naruto.
    4 anos atrás
    redshoot4 anos atrás#13136624Dude there is so much xD I need to buy Index again, mine came with 2 right arms (I was so mad) But I want to coplete the To aru serie, I would say Misaka :')
    and you ? got any plans ? :3 I'm spending too much in Pre-orders I don't have any money left for "old" Figma ;-;
    how that happen.where did you buy her? i think she came out several times in amiami preorder,you can get there.if is u want:)..i have few figma that i want,but right now i really want is figma saitama to get release,gut blackswordman (either rerelease or new 2.0 ver:D)
    4 anos atrás
    Thanks for accepting my friend request :D
    You have such a lovely figma collection <3
    4 anos atrás
    redshoot4 anos atrás#13090018Thanks ! ~(>u<)~ Same here ! :D I bought one randomly and started to want more and more haha ^^""haha..that same for me,so what your next target want?
    4 anos atrás
    Beaucoup plus Nendoroid! Elles sont vraiment trop mignonnes xD Et oui elles sont bien chère et elles sont magnifiques ; A ; j'aime beaucoup les figmas aussi! mais je ne m'en suis encore jamais procurer une ; v ; redshoot4 anos atrás#13090017Ouii le temps passe vite ! ;o; C'est déja bien c'est un début !! :D tu est plus branchée Nendo et scales toi non ? *^* J'adoooore les scales mais c'est hors budget ;^;
    4 anos atrás
    De rien! Haha! Waw! si longtemps! ; v ; on va dire que ça fais environ un an que je suis vraiment dedans >.< redshoot4 anos atrás#13081073Merci ! ~(^O^)~ le fruit de 3 longues années de collection :'3
    4 anos atrás
    redshoot4 anos atrás#13075871...
    ceci était un échec

    Look for the KanColle wikia. :D
    4 anos atrás
    redshoot4 anos atrás#13043297Glad you like my work !!! ~(^0^)~
    You've got a very nice collection ! :O love your Figma ! *^*
    Yeah,your figma checklist is great...Thanx;),figma the main reason why i start this hobby:D
    4 anos atrás
    La tienne est super impressionnante aussi ! waw ! ; v ;
    redshoot4 anos atrás#13075905Sympa ta collec' ! :3
    4 anos atrás
    De rieen ! :D redshoot4 anos atrás#12671433Hey ! \(^0^)/ merci pour la FR !! :D
    4 anos atrás
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