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    redxmaverick (3 anos atrás) #3360103When you said the dimensions were around 3.5x5in like a photo, reminded me of our family photo album. I wonder how many people print out their photos they take digitally. Sometimes I hear about someone having their laptop stolen and all their family pictures / son's baby pictures / wedding photos / what-have-you were on it without even having a backup on an external harddrive. It's hard to feel sorry for them.
    Did you decide to party it up?
    I didn't know Fakku has all their books printed in China. It's not because it's cheaper but it's because printing companies in the US don't want to be associated with hentai in case word slips out which could hurt their business. So sad there is such a bad stigma. I learned this when someone was complaining why the magazines weren't having physical copies. Then Fakku personnel chimed in on the process from beginning to end on how a book is translated, editted, content sent to China, a draft copy is sent back to the US, approve/make changes then printed in China. Their regular 200 pg books take at least 2 months to make. So to have 2x physical copies of 400pg magazines every month is insane. The whiner retorted why it was being printed in China and now I know why. But I wouldn't complain much when we're getting them in glorious 4k pixel resolution.
    I new Sonico bodypad. nitroplus.ecq.s...

    I dunno! I've only printed some of the photos I've taken. TBH I'd rather work on preserving the old family photos by putting them in albums. We have some very old albums but I'm not sure who is holding them. Then there's boxes of photos. I've been thinking of making a picture diary since my friend gave me an Instax Mini printer. The photo paper will be costly if I can't find out how to get it in bulk, but like, something like snapping a highlight of every week and scribbling a note about it.

    I did. I got there all late but it was fun. They had chalkboards/a chalk wall in the back so I drew tits and ass on it. My friends were impressed LOL! We had fun until this huge drunk guy confused a guy in our group as a friend of his from 5 years ago. He kept saying "No, it's not me..." Then he turned to ME with his hand out like "Hi I'm whoever what's your name?" so I gave his hand a slap and said Jenny. (dammit! I forgot we had a Jenny in our group that night!) He was like, "A five? That's all I get? I don't get anything else?" and I responded with "Nah, I charge for every fuckin' thing." Then we got our stuff and left.

    Whiner must have a huge friggin house to be able to store 1.5" books. But uh, if you buy a Fakku book at a con, does that mean you forfeit the digital version?

    And pfft @ the stigma. They won't print it but I'm positive they'll buy and read it.

    That TIFU link lol. I just don't get why people do that. She wasn't really trying to make him a JW.

    I added it to DB already. Mad because Nitro+ said the C88 goods were event exclusive except the books. Turns out they are not so I paid more than I needed to for my Kageakimasa tapestry -_-
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    redxmaverick (3 anos atrás) #3348345I was hoping an artbook was coming out. :(
    Bromide is what they are called? I thought it was a really bad translation because I was thinking about the chemical. lol

    Yep! There's a classification for them on MFC: search.php?type... They're usually the size of a photo, like 3.5x5in.

    It's humid. Supposed to be a thunderstorm. I want the rain. But my coworker is having a birthday party tonight at a bar. Want to acknowledge my invite and go, don't want to go in a thunderstorm so late at night in party clothes. Hrm.
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    redxmaverick (3 anos atrás) #3348281I tried to use google translate. Didn't help at all. Sounds like a giveaway. I see lots of people were retweeting and favoriting that post.
    It's one of Animate's Fair events where you spend X amount on select merch and get a freebie, in this case one of those bromides. But Bing is such trash lol
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    redxmaverick (3 anos atrás) #3347737She's secretly in love with you. =x She drinks to loosen up but unfortunately it gives her migraines as well.
    From my experience, oppai mousepads take a while to sell. The first one may sell within a few days or weeks but the second will take longer.
    Awww. Second NYCC link won't load for me. Must be getting alot of traffic.
    All those beautiful illustrations!!! t.co/BK9hYK2Fjb

    That loosening up only gives her a headache. Maybe she associates me with headaches now. So maybe it is love now? lol

    Well, I'd rather it sell than not sell. I don't necessarily need a profit, I just need to move it. lol

    Those are nice, what are they for?
    Edit: Bing translations are horrible LOL
    "[Fair] akiha Hara shop limited than 8/22! "Prison school" prison school?' "promoted by" planning "my love ass nigga" fair held you! During the period, item one to giveaway chill bromide purchases for each that you!"
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    redxmaverick (3 anos atrás) #3346402Son was 11 years old when the act was caught. Happened for 3 years so started when the son was 8. :(
    I always read these stories where two girls that are best friends for years and they are in love with each other but each don't know it. They go about their lives like regular people dating boys trying to be "normal" then just one day one girl confesses their love or a they just happen to kiss each other somehow and then become a couple. So if my daughter likes girls then I hope it's a sweet story like this. If it's not like that, then I'll have my wife challenge my daugther's girlfriend to a bikini mud wrestling match. >:D
    Every time I look at my bank statement, I always think there should be more in it than it should be then I see the money spent ;A; There's still a couple items I'm still trying to sell that I bought duplicates for just to make a profit. I check ebay to see the items I'm still trying to sell and one is a dakimakura. It's been up for 16 months. xD I got this message.
    "This listing hasn't had any sales in the last 16 months. Please consider revising it."

    That's pretty cute. I don't have a female best friend though. At one point I did and like, people always mistook us as each other or as sisters, and we would often say the same thing at the same time. Crazy right? But her jaded-at-the-universe side took over, and more and more things started to bother me. At one point I was going to buy her a skeleton-theme saké set for Christmas but I stopped. She would get migraines often and drinking was one of the triggers, and yet whenever we made a plan to hang out she would go out with her friend and drink heavily the night before. I wondered, why does she have to drink every time she's going to see me???

    When ordering those Bunnymasa pads... on the one hand I put some extras in the cart, one item for me and the rest to resell. On the other hand there was some error nonsense and long story short I have 3 Bunnymasa pads coming :x Last I checked they're still not sold out so hopefully I can still push it off and break even.

    Damn eBay cold... lol

    Time to start mapping the attack route, Exhibitor list and Floor Map are live: nycc15.mapyours... nycc15.mapyours...* <- asterisk is part of url lol
    50 days to war!
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    redxmaverick (3 anos atrás) #3346027Read on the news a buff dad beat the 18 year old babysitter in the act of raping his son to a bloody pulp. Dad then called the police and said he got the dude laying in a pool of his own blood ready for him to be arrested. Babysitter was raping the little boy for like 2-3 years already. And I think the dad was dating the mom of the rapist too. >.<
    Well not smack around her boyfriend but would be fun to intimidate him. lol
    I'm okay with not having the physical copies. I hated reading thick college textbooks so I wouldn't enjoy trying to handle a large magazine. I prefer digital high resolution anyways. I'm there to enjoy the art. I just hope we can download the magazines at some point.
    I've been browsing MFC at work for years looking at ( o ) ( o ). Sitting in the lab I can see who walks in and quickly close the page but being in the cubicle is more scary because sometimes I don't hear footsteps and see someone poking their head in my cubicle. xD
    I hate how I have so much in these last 4 months. I can't save money. lol But each month is under my monthly budget though so I at least got that going for me.
    School started again. I feel a bit busier now. I was getting bored out of my mind these past 3 weeks.

    That's super fucked. How old was the son, and why didn't he say anything? :(((
    I recall one where it took place in a really small town, the family held a party and the guy goes into the room to check on his 4 year old daughter and this random guy is feeling her up. If I remember right, he beat the guy to death. The police were like "Well, it is murder, but he was defending his family so we're not keen on charging him." Not sure what happened next but it's a good chance he got away with murder!

    What if your daughter likes girls? :D

    I am actually attempting to save money. It's not that great but I AM trying LOL. Well, come September the busy season at work begins (and lasts until the warm season next year) so I'll use this chance to pour in as much time as I can and pump up those paychecks. Also waiting on certain preorders I no longer want, so I can sell them. (a lot are exclusives prepaid from CR so not like I can give up the PO... but exclusives may net a little profit anyway honhonhon).
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    redxmaverick (3 anos atrás) #3345865I'm going to be ripped so if I have a daughter I can smack her boyfriend around or if I have a son, I can smack the pedo around who tries to touch my son. False alarm. I don't have any tumors or anything like that. Doctor says I hyper-extended my lungs though. But nothing. My cough went away a few days after my x-ray. It's just my asthma flaring up.
    Magazines will only be viewable online. These magazines are bricks so I don't think they want to make physical copies.
    When I'm not fixing any electronics in the lab and sitting in my cubicle on my computer, I keep on my lab coat because the A/C is cranked. I finally got my own cubicle after 4 years. lol Before my desk was right in the lab room. Now I can view MFC without having to watch over my back. ;>.>
    I estimate it's $150k minimum to produce a 20 minute episode traditionally because Trigger was asking for that much on kickstarter for Little Witch Academia 2.
    The Wing Bunnymasa pad is out? Any word on the Soft Garage one? xD

    Pedo-smacking, yes, for the boy and the girl! Smack any pedo you see... actually, killing a pedo is one murder you can get away with. Even the police don't fault that...
    Boyfriend-smacking should be a last resort. Teach her to make good choices so it doesn't have to get to that point :3

    I'm not totally sure I would want physical copies. I have an issue of Comic AUN (bought it for the Okina entry) and I can't imagine owning a year's worth. Storage HELL.

    Oh, got privacy? ( . Y . )

    Wing pad ships the 28th. No word on the SG one but I'm thankful for that. Last 4 months of the year are going to suck by default.
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    redxmaverick (3 anos atrás) #3339238Except with a minor change. I'll look like this picture/1155191... minus the super saiyan hair. Would take forever to wash. lol
    The Prison School anime is producing alot of Shiraki Meiko fanart which makes me happy. :D
    Fakku's subscription is coming out soon. They are going to do a short beta test but I see it as an early access since we'll have to pay the sub fee. It's to make sure payment processes and reading online will run smoothly. Priced at $12.95/month. Higher than I expected. Also, no option to download the whole magazine as of yet. Perhaps in the future. Since these magazines are readily available in Japan's stores like 7-11, I hope we'll be able to download it. I wonder how the sub will change after 6 months or a year. But I hope people don't give Fakku too much flak since the sub is in it's infancy.
    It finally hit 90 degrees over the weekend.
    www.animenewsne... I'd like to see how the money is distributed when we've known animators makes scraps for a living.

    Oh, so you're gonna be all toned? But like, you never answered my question! How did it go with the doctor? Are you pregnant or not?

    If it's not downloadable, then what? It's just available online? Those books are over an inch thick so I don't see that price for a physical copy (+ shipping).

    It was 90 yesterday and I guess everyone reached for the air conditioning because the power started flickering (it was cool for weeks now). I got annoyed and went out lol. Every business has their coolers up so high I want to wear a sweater.

    If it's Japan I feel there's a less chance of someone reaping all the money while everyone else scrapes. If it's America, I guarantee that's the case lol. If it costs this much now with all the digital animation we use/incorporate, what was the cost like for pure traditional stuff?

    Got charged for Bunnymasa pad!... Bunnymasa figure got delayed again wtf.
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    andsunnydays.tu... This will be you someday
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    redxmaverick (3 anos atrás) #3337840Ah so you like your fair share of T&A? :P ...... I might. >.>'
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