• weiwere4 anos atrás#9618735Ooo thanks.
    My favourite LL char is Umi but sadly there isn't any nice figure of her...
    Next will be Eri; there are quite a few nice ones but expensive though.

    I know what you mean! I am really looking forward to this Eri ITEM #361437 I think she's gonna be beautiful, but I probably won't get the chance to own her :/
    4 anos atrás
    Thank you very much, and yes Kotori is my favourite LL character! I'm actually going to cosplay as her at the end of the month at London Comic Con (ღ˘⌣˘ღ). Nice collection by the way!
    4 anos atrás
    Oh like the anime conventions over there right? Yeah we have one around here called Anime Expo and it usually occurs around the beginning-mid of July. I just want to go to Singapore to visit all the nice tourist locations, haha. I especially want to swim on top of the Marina Bay Sands hotel. That place looks awesome!
    4 anos atrás
    weiwere4 anos atrás#4485711Ok done. :)
    Actually my name is Sen.
    Adana means nickname in Japanese.
    The summer looks equally impressive too!
    You really got a talent for capturing the season's mood.

    Thanks Sen! I also have met another friend here from Singapore :). I would like to visit there someday!

    Ah thank you for the comment, it means a lot! I'm working really hard on Spring and Winter at the moment, and I can't wait till everyone sees it :)

    As for the ending of Your Lie in April, I understand where you are coming from. I think everyone wants a joyful ending, but in a deeper level, Your Lie in April provides an insight on what happens in real life. People do enter our lives for a reason, whether it be good or bad. Your Lie in April does a good job of viewing both the negative and positive things in life, as well as revealing the truth about life: That some things aren't just meant to be. I truly love the anime :).
    4 anos atrás
    Thanks for the comment Adana! Although, would you mind editing your comment? I don't want people to know how the series ended! It can be a spoiler that's why!

    Again, thanks for the birthday greeting! Oh and if you didn't know, my Summer theme is complete. If you would like, you can check it out :)

    BLOG #21064
    4 anos atrás
    weiwere4 anos atrás#3437452Nice collection!
    yours are nicer bruh \^_^/
    4 anos atrás
    weiwere5 anos atrás#3063200Wow your profile page is so lovely!
    I am very impressed.
    Great collection too!

    Why thankyou i spent more time than I should have on it :3

    You have a very nice collection yourself!
    5 anos atrás
    weiwere5 anos atrás#2940791Thanks for accepting my FR.
    You have a very impressive and great collection!

    thanks ( ゚∀゚ ) nice to meet you
    5 anos atrás
    import from kino? you mean they bring in tony artbook to their store? or do we have to make personal order?
    5 anos atrás
    weiwere5 anos atrás#2857167Thanks for the FR acceptance!

    no problem :D seems like few of our interests intersect. I like tony taka too but only own a tony luka figure recently haha..

    is it safe to import tony artbook here @_@
    5 anos atrás
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